The Call Up

The Call Up: Luis Robles on his decision to retire, David Beckham and more

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Backline to front office?! Fresh off hanging up the boots, Luis Robles opens up about the phone call that inspired him to “announce” retirement, why David Beckham is the coolest, and early personal & career challenges in Germany. Luis also dishes on his passion for MLS and helping the next generation of players. MLS owners, you better get this guy in your front office while you still can! Season 3 of The Call Up kicks off with an interview you do not want to miss.

  • 2:07 - Here For This: Dry January
  • 5:40 - Here For This: Greg Vanney
  • 7:37 - Here For This: Nickelodeon x NFL (& MLS?!)
  • 10:16 - Welcome Luis Robles!!!
  • 11:30 - A phone call that changes his mind on “announcing”
  • 13:36 - The decision to retire
  • 18:24 - Front office plans?
  • 21:14 - Thoughts on the Phil Neville to Miami rumors
  • 24:49 - Why David Beckham is the coolest
  • 31:53 - How his wife’s support has helped him
  • 38:20 - Ready to start from the ground up in whatever is next
  • 41:40 - What’s on Tap


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