The Call Up

The Call Up: Atlanta United president Darren Eales talks Josef Martinez, Gabriel Heinze and Ted Lasso

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Love Ted Lasso? You can basically thank Atlanta United's president for the show! Josef Martinez (and his puppies) updates, new manager Gabriel Heinze and what’s next for the roster. Eales divulges on his own playing career, practicing law, and the unique lens he sees his role in the front office of one of MLS’ super clubs. Plus, we turn the table on the emoji wiz with our own Emoji Game!

  • 1:05 - HFT: athletes are no longer “Sticking to Sports”
  • 4:15 - HFT: Gio Savarese's beard
  • 5:43 - HFT: Ted Lasso
  • 9:07 - Welcome Atlanta United President Darren Eales
  • 10:09 - New Coach Gabriel Heinze
  • 11:54 - Josef Martinez Update
  • 14:01 - Road from England to Brown University
  • 18:50 - The evolution of cryptic tweets
  • 21:29 - How a law background prepared Darren for being in the media
  • 22:58 - New ATLUTD signings to come
  • 27:47 - Real Housewives of Atlanta
  • 28:52 - Darren Eales' role in Ted Lasso
  • 31:07 - We turn the cryptic tweet tables!
  • 33:55 - What’s on Tap


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