All the places Neymar has been--except the pitch--during Copa America

Neymar - FC Barcelona - Celebration

A Saturday slate of games that yielded only one goal didn’t help things much, but Neymar has managed to become a star of Copa America Centenario … without even playing in the tournament. Okay, sure, the kid has committed to Brazil’s Olympic squad in Rio; he just won La Liga and the Copa del Rey and played through to the quarterfinals of the 2015-2016 UEFA Champions League.

But he still journeyed over to the US at the same time as his Brazil national team squad, one that’s sorely missing both him and Orlando City star Kaká, who got a late call-up, then had to bow out because of injury.

Brazil scrapped it out against Ecuador on Saturday in Pasadena — and though the game provided more fireworks than Costa Rica and Paraguay’s own 0-0 bout — they couldn’t eke out a goal. Instead, Neymar at least partially stole the show while sitting in the stands, particularly during what seemed like an eternal, cringe-inducing close-up at one point in which he and Justin Bieber mugged for selfies.

Seriously, people are now talking about Willian as Brazil’s saving attacking grace. That’s where we are. Too bad it’s far too late for Neymar to reconsider, but he’s clearly having a really good, 23-year-old dude time on his US vacation. Here’s a quick recap of all the places Neymar was during this last Copa stretch. None of which, of course, are on the field.

Having a kickaround with new BFF Bieber in his buddy's backyard

Begrudgingly, you gotta admit that Bieber isn’t half bad here.

Launching the first Jordan-branded soccer boots on Friday in New York

He’ll be sporting them in Rio, the next time he’s actually playing soccer.

*Trying out the whole baseball thing at Citi Field

*Hanging with Jamie Foxx on the sidelines on Saturday

Does Jamie Foxx even like soccer? Meh, but he’s one of those Hollywood constants — always shows up at a good party.

Posing for Snapchat and other social #content with the Biebs and Lewis Hamilton

Yes, national TV viewers were treated to some extremely long seconds of this on Saturday’s broadcast.

Trying out Steph Curry’s pre-game dribbling routine by a swimming pool

*Giving daps to Leandro Barbosa after the Warriors game on Sunday night

Brazilian athletic greats gotta stick together.

Meeting and greeting Steph Curry at the same game, and giving him a jersey

Real recognize real.

....And, last but not least--smiling with LAFC staff and supporters.

How's that for some grist for the ol' rumor mill?