MLS Combine testing

LAUDERHILL, Fla. – Dominique Badji jumped out as one of the most athletic players on the field in Friday’s opening doubleheader at the 2015 adidas MLS Player Combine.

Turns out, the numbers back Badji up.

The Boston University forward was the only player to place in the Top 10 in all three performance testing categories at the Combine, finishing tenth in the 30-meter dash, fourth in the agility test and first in the vertical jump.

Five other players finished in the top-10 in two of the three categories: Southern Illinois-Edwardsville forward/midfielder Christian Volesky (speed, agility), North Carolina defender Boyd Okwuonu (speed, power), St. Louis forward Kingsley Bryce (speed, power), Akrondefender Saad Abdul-Salaam (speed, power) and Cal St.-Northridge forward Sagi Lev-Ari (speed, power), who narrowly missed out on finishing in the top-10 in all three categories after placing 11th in the agility test.

SPEED: 30-meter dash

  1. Khiry Shelton (Oregon State) 3.81 seconds
  2. Christian Volesky (Southern Illinois-Edwardsville) 3.84 seconds
  3. Sagi Lev-Ari (Cal St.-Northridge) 3.88 seconds
  4. Boyd Okwuonu (North Carolina) 3.91 seconds
  5. Andy Thoma (Washington) 3.95 seconds
  6. Markhus Lacroix (Pennsylvania) 3.95 seconds
  7. Kingsley Bryce (St. Louis) 3.96 seconds
  8. Romario Williams (Central Florida) 3.96 seconds
  9. Saad Abdul-Salaam (Akron) 3.98 seconds
  10. Dominique Badji (Boston University) 3.98 seconds

*Ties were broken by which player had the better 10-meter split time
AGILITY: 5-10-5

  1. Christian Volesky (Southern Illinois-Edwardsville) 4.01 seconds
  2. Zach Steinberger (Butler) 4.03 seconds
  3. Luke Mishu (Notre Dame) 4.07 seconds
  4. Dominique Badji (Boston University) 4.10 seconds
  5. Nick Besler (Notre Dame) 4.11 seconds
  6. Adam Montague (Michigan State) 4.12 seconds
  7. Salvador Bernal (UNLV) 4.13 seconds
  8. Dan Metzger (Maryland) 4.13 seconds
  9. Sergio Campbell (UConn) 4.1.4 seconds
  10. Wesley Charpie (South Florida) 4.14 seconds

POWER: Vertical jump

  1. Dominique Badji (Boston University) 36 inches
  2. Cameron Porter (Princeton) 34.5 inches
  3. Kingsley Bryce (St. Louis) 33 inches
  4. Sagi Lev-Ari (Cal St.-Northridge) 33 inches
  5. Boyd Okwuonu (North Carolina) 31 inches
  6. James Rogers (New Mexico) 31 inches
  7. Tim Parker (St. John’s) 31 inches
  8. Skylar Thomas (Syracuse) 31 inches
  9. Saad Abdul-Salaam (Akron) 31 inches
  10. Eric Osswald (Xavier) 31 inches