emls - 2021 - Power Rankings 3

New York City FC maintains top spot after eMLS League Series One | eMLS Power Rankings

New York is blue! At least in the eMLS world. NYCFC's Didychrislito defeated New York Red Bulls' Adamou in the Grand Final of eMLS League Series One presented by Coca-Cola on Sunday and maintains the top spot in the latest eMLS Power Rankings. While there's no movement in the top three spots, Toronto FC's PhilB94 made the biggest leap, powering up eight spots to No. 4 courtesy of a march to the eMLS League Series One semifinals.

Power Rankings are voted on by eMLS staff, reflecting gamers' performance both in eMLS events and on the wider pro-FIFA circuit.


1. NYC_Chris

Previous rank: #1 (no change)

Revenge? Redemption? Whatever you want to call it, Didychrislito got it, as well as his long awaited first eMLS title with a victory over Adamou in the Grand Final of eMLS League Series One Sunday after losing to his rival in the eMLS Cup Final.


2. G_Adamou

Previous rank: #2 (no change)

The favorite going into League Series One, the defending eMLS Cup champion rode his traditional stout defense to the Grand Final, where he suffered his first defeat to Didychrislito. 


3. xbLeU

Previous rank: #3 (no change)

After a nine-spot jump a week ago, xbLeU confirmed his lofty standing among the league's elite with a run to the League Series One semifinals, where Didychrislito needed a dramatic late rally to overcome a big deficit. Austin FC's representative was the top seed heading into the quarterfinals. 


4. PhilB94

Previous rank: #12 (+8 spots)

PhilB94 went 8-3-3 during qualifiers, second only to Adamou in goals against. Toronto FC's representative made another run to the semifinals, but fell to his Red Bulls foe in a defensive battle. 


5. Alekzandur

Previous rank: #6 (+1 spots)

Alekzandur makes the slight move up, but with high expectations he'll be disappointed with a quarterfinals finish in League Series One where he fell to Austin FC's xbLeU.


6. KingCJ0

Previous rank: #4 (-2 spots)

KingCJ0 earned the No. 3 seed after League Series One qualifying with a strong 10W-0D-4L record, but D.C. United's rep suffered a tight defeat to PhilB94 in arguably the most entertaining series of the round.


7. RemiMartinn

Previous Rank: #11 (+4 spots)

RemiMartinn had a strong League Series One performance, which but finished just outside the top eight, edged out by Alekzandur on a tiebreaker. He's one to watch for League Series Two.


8. cisseSZN

Previous rank: #9 (+1 spot)

cisseSZN wasn't the best performer in his own household, but finished just behind brother KingCJO as the No. 4 seed heading into the League Series One quarterfinals. There, he ran into a buzzsaw in eventual champion Didychrislito in the quarterfinals.


9. Skill Shack

Previous rank: #13 (+4 spots)

Skill Shack roared back from a disappointing first night of qualifiers to earn a top-eight spot with an 8-3-3 record and a berth in the quarterfinals where he fell to reigning eMLS Cup champion Adamou.


10. Godfather

Previous rank: #7 (-3 spot)

The LA Galaxy rep had one of the best defensive performances and went 7W-3D-4L in qualification, good for 11th, just two points behind a coveted top-eight spot. 


11. IMCF_Pabs

Previous rank: #11 (no change)

IMCF_Pabs was well positioned after first week of qualifiers, but had a poor second week of qualifiers to drop out of Top 8 and finish 12th in the League Series One standings.


12. Kid M3mito

Previous rank: #15 (+3 spots)

Kid M3mito made a furious rally to earn a quarterfinal berth, but the first eMLS Cup champion back in 2018 finished just outside the top eight on points. 


13. FCC Fiddle

Previous rank: #8 (-5 spots)

FCC Fiddle rose from 19th in the standings in Week 1 to 14th in the standings in Week 2. FC Cincy's rep may be hitting his stride and could hit ground running for League Series Two.


14. Doolsta

Previous rank: #14 (no change)

There's no change in the power rankings for Nashville SC's Doolsta, who finished 13th in the League Series One standings with a 7W-1D-6D record.


15. AlanAvi

Previous rank: #10 (-5 spots)

FC Dallas' rep dropped five spots after a disappointing 17th place finish in League Series One standings as his re-acclimation after taking 2020 off is a slow one. 


16. tokyorift

Previous rank: #23 (+7 spot)

Minnesota United first-year representative made a strong push in League Series One, finishing a respectable 16th and making a seven-spot move.


17. mehdibob

Previous rank: #19 (+2 spots)

He moves up two places, but mehdibob has been plagued by inconsistency thus far. To highlight that point, CF Montreal's rep was 6W-2D-6L to finish 15th in the League Series One qualifying standings. 


18. RCTID_Thiago

Previous rank: #20 (+2 spots)

RCTID_Thiago is still on the search for that next level push. He does move up two spots, but failed to crack the quarterfinals and finished 18th in the League Series One qualifying standings.


19. Gonzo

Previous rank: #16 (-3 spots)

Gonzo couldn't build on a strong first week of Series One qualifying, finishing 19th with just three wins, resulting in a three-spot drop. 


20. JordyReyes

Previous rank: #25 (+5 spots)

A week after dropping six spots, rookie JordyReyes moved up five spots with a 20th-place finish in the League Series One qualifying standings. 



Previous rank: #17 (-4 spots)

Another first-year performer, the inaugural player for St. Louis City SC fell four places following a 3W-3D-8L performance during League Series One qualifying. 


22. Maloney

Previous rank: #22 (no change)

No change in the power rankings for another rookie as Maloney continues to try and find his footing. Orlando City SC's rep finished 22nd in the final League Series One qualifying standings. 


23. Adrian

Previous rank: #18 (-5 spots)

Adrian couldn't build on a nine-spot jump in Week 2's power rankings, tumbling five spots with a 23rd place finish in League Series One qualifying. 


24. BENR

Previous rank: #21 (-3 spots)

It's more rough going for BENR, who fell three more spots with a 24th-place finish in League Series One qualifying and had the third worst goal differential at -33.


25. JKO

Previous rank: #24 (-1 spot)

The Revs rep won just twice in 14 matches in League Series One qualifying. 


26. Enzo

Previous rank: #26 (no change)

Enzo's struggles continued, managing just one win and a draw and scoring eight goals in 14 matches in League Series One qualifying. 


27. Crew96Skamzz

Previous Rank: #27 (-3 spots)

Crew96Skamzz has a big mountain to climb following a three-spot drop in the power rankings. He's the only competitor not to pick up a point in 14 matches in League Series One qualifying and had a -56 goal differential.