Extratime: Is it possible to be tired of Zlatan? Plus, MLS Week 20 winners

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In this episode, Andrew Wiebe, Charlie Davies, Matt Doyle and David Gass take sides. Are you Team Zlatan or Team Over Zlatan? El Trafico brings out the best (in the media and on the field) from the big Swede, and the guys dig into another rivalry win for the Galaxy as well as the polarizing nature of the club’s international star. Plus, do LAFC need another attacking Designated Player to make sure they don’t fall short of MLS Cup?

Also in this episode … Cascadia Cup delivers (and so does Brian Fernandez … again), MLS Week 20 winners and “dropped points,” a big decision for Red Bulls with Aaron Long linked to West Ham and Leagues Cup kick off and expansion!

Time Segment
1:23 Galaxy own LAFC in El Trafico
8:43 Zlatan: Soccer poet or tired schtick?
20:19 Does LAFC need a DP attacker to avoid MLS Cup disappointment?
25:25 Better bet for MLS Cup: Sounders or Timbers?
34:20 Winners (and "dropped points") from MLS Week 20
49:29 Should the Red Bulls sell Aaron Long to West Ham?
53:56 Leagues Cup ... Just give it a chance, OK?



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