Extratime: MLS expansion, GA Cup and MLS Week 8 takeaways

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Dave and Bobby are back, complete with Frisco glow, to break down MLS Week 8 and talk expansion (30 teams!) with Andrew and Doyle.

Best team in MLS? No doubt LAFC after Bob Bradley’s team dropped the Sounders 4-1 on Sunday. What makes them special? Can the team (and Carlos Vela) sustain this pace? Plus, Dome Torrent wins after admitting he was on the hot seat, Thierry Henry gets shot down as a replacement for Chris Armas, Frank De Boer puts lipstick on a pig, John Molinaro explains the Jozy-Bill Manning drama and much more!

Plus, takeaways from a historic GA Cup, where Seattle knocked off a who’s who of top international clubs to win the title, and the MLS Board of Governors votes to expand MLS to 30 clubs. What does that mean?

Time Segment
2:31 LAFC make a statement against the Sounders
9:02 Dome Torrent says he’s under pressure … then gets first win!
14:33 Will he? Won’t he? Thierry Henry to Red Bulls gains steam then dies
20:38 Frank De Boer says they’d win 28 of 30, but Doyle doesn’t agree
26:50 INTERVIEW: John Molinaro (Sportsnet) explains the Jozy drama
35:30 Are the guys “sold” on the Galaxy revival?
39:51 Maybe the Earthquakes aren’t terrible after all!
43:20 Meanwhile, in Colorado, just one winless team remains in MLS
47:20 “This is the most positive I’ve been about development” – GA Cup takeaways
54:22 MLS says it will expand to 30 teams, with STL and Sac as frontrunners



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