The Crying Jordan meme isn't dead yet, came to US soccer because of course

Somewhere, probably during the NBA finals, the Crying Jordan meme skipped over the "jumped the shark" phase and became more or less a permanent internet thing. And with every big disappointing loss, like clockwork, social media delivers on some new Jordan 'shops. His face wound up on the Mexican flag, for instance, on Saturday night after El Tri lost 7-0 to Chile – so, yep, the US finally got the treatment last night after their 4-0 loss to Argentina on Tuesday night.

Let's take a look at some the best ones, okay?

There's Jordan taking the place of every star on the American flag...

...and Jordan on this xG map.

Of course this had to happen....

...and this...

...and this too.

People are also getting creative with Crying Jordan on video, too.

But maybe most painful to the heart? Teddy Goalsevelt, nooooo!

Where will Crying Jordan wind up next in the world of North American soccer? We'll have to wait until Saturday night's Copa America third-place game (8 pm ET; FX, Univision) to see. By the way, if you're wondering where the meme came from, here's the Daily Dot on the origin of the actual photograph.