Who's the guy who showered money on Sepp Blatter during a FIFA press conference? | SIDELINE

You could be forgiven if, when you first logged onto social media on Monday morning, you saw this post and first thought it was someone’s cheeky Photoshop job.



But the images are, indeed, real. At a FIFA press conference, the news equivalent of a pitch invader disrupted the proceedings by showering Sepp Blatter with a stack of what looked like American bills. “This is for North Korea 2026,” proclaimed a square-jawed, English man in a suit before releasing a money shower:

So who is the instigator with two-tone hair? On one level of reality, he’s Jason Bent, ostensibly a footballer playing for England.



Jason’s really a character, though, the creation of English performer Simon Brodkin. (Rather, Jason's a character played by Lee Daniel, who's also a pseudonym used by/character played by Brodkin, but hey, we're now splitting hairs.) As it turns out, public disruption is kind of his thing.

Back in 2013, Brodkin managed to actually invade a pitch, trying to warm up with Manchester City before a game against Everton.

Last year, he also attempted to board a plane at Luton with the English World Cup squad.



Oh, and he showed up as a "new player for Arsenal" on deadline day.

And just this past month, at the legendary Glastonbury Festival, he managed to out-Kanye Kanye West, invading the stage during the rapper’s set and attempting to join in the performance.