Alexi Lalas in 2014
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Winnipeg Free Press columnist takes shot at American Outlaws, Alexi Lalas comes to their defense | SIDELINE

The US women's national team beat Australia on Monday night, but without the help of the American Outlaws according to a Winnipeg Free Press columnist.

Gary Lawless took a shot at USA's supporters group. Lawless described the noise the Outlaws were making during the game thusly, "For a good stretch they sounded like American mother-in-laws."

Luckily, the group has someone in their corner. That person is Alexi Lalas, and he has own take on the atmosphere the Outlaws created in Winnipeg.

But, hang on! After defending the American Outlaws, Lalas then went on to question the validity of Canada's group-stage win. Time for someone in Canada to fire back, no?

Check it out below: