Dom Dwyer scores a goal for Sporting KC against Dan Kennedy of Chivas USA
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Sporting Kansas City's Dom Dwyer highlighted in ESPN's "Athletes' Spending Diaries" series | SIDELINE

Sporting Kansas City forward Dom Dwyer is really an open book. Just check out his Instagram and Twitter feed for proof.

And now the No. 2 goal scorer in MLS in 2014 is even letting us into his wallet as the MLS representative in its "Athletes' Spending Diaries" series, highlighting how professional athletes choose to spend (or save) their respective earnings.

It's a hugely entertaining and revealing look into how the pros "really are just like us." So how does a 24-year-old scorer of 22 regular-season and one playoff goal spend an evening out with his teammates on the last night of their 2014 season?

And how about preparations for Halloween night? That's bound to be a good time, right?

  • $250.21: Halloween costumes
    "A big group bought costumes to split up later. I was the Big Bad Wolf one night and an FBI agent the next."

Always the responsible citizens, Dwyer and friends make sure everyone gets home safe at night.

  • $7: Kansas City B-cycle
    "After a bar night, we never let anybody drive. At 2:30 a.m. we saw this rental place and decided to bike home. We returned them 30 minutes later when we couldn't find a place to leave them."

To read Dwyer's full spending diary, check out the full ESPN series, here. You'll want to find out his dumbest purchase. It involves an arcade game.