VIDEO: Michigan State's Jason Stacy scores the latest NCAA soccer golazo | SIDELINE

The current NCAA soccer season may still be fairly young, but that doesn't mean it's been short on spectactular goals scored — some might even go as far as calling them golazos.

First there was Russell Cicerone's midfield blast to begin — and end — double overtime, followed by Michael Bajza's very difficult header-to-control, 30-yard volley.

This week we've got your everyday, run-of-the-mill half-volley from 25 yards, brought to you by Michigan State redshirt junior midfielder Jason Stacy (above video), who played club soccer for Grand Rapids (Mich.) Crew Juniors in high school and played for the Columbus Crew in the 2009 SUM U-17 Cup  (the predecessor to today's Generation adidas Cup).

Stacy's rocket was the second MSU goal scored in a 4-0 victory over Western Michigan on Wednesday.