VIDEO: One Liverpool fan cries her eyes out after meeting club captain Steven Gerrard | SIDELINE

We'd all like to think we would be calm, cool and collected when meeting our greatest idol.

But, like one girl from New Jersey who met Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard this week (above video), it's not always that easy to remain composed when you finally meet someone whom you've looked up to for the longest time.

Heroes aren't just great athletes, talented musicians or famous people to the people who idolize them. They inspire you to perhaps one day become greater than them. 

Whatever the above girl's affinity toward Steven Gerrard, he – and his mere presence – obviously meant the world to her.

Have you – or perhaps it was your child – ever been overcome with emotion when meeting someone famous? Who in the history of MLS was "worthy of tears?" For many, the answer might be David Beckham, so who else?