FIFA World Cup trophy

World Cup Daily (June 12): Ronaldinho harasses Lionel Messi and things get hairy in Brazil

Here's the World Cup fun you missed on Thursday, June 12:

BECOME A TACTICAL GENIUS IN 5 MINUTES: So the World Cup is starting and you have no clue about soccer tactics? No worries: The Big Lead explains exactly how you can fake it. It's a six-step guide and it'll definitely work.

WHY WAS RONALDINHO HARASSING MESSI? That's what it looked like at the end of Argentina's open training session in Brazil. It was a bizarre walk off the practice field for Lionel Messi: First a guy tried to shine his sneakers and then Ronaldinho (or a Ronaldinho look-alike) came out of nowhere before security took care of him. Watch it below:

WHY IT'S GOOD TO HAVE HAIR: There's a few reasons Brazilian defender David Luiz lets his hair grow out: he likes how it looks and it gives him an edge on the competition. Just how? Watch this video to find out:

WHAT ARE THEY DOING UP ON THE ROOF? After a US national team training session, roommates and former Houston Dynamo and San Jose Earthquakes teammates Brad Davis and Chris Wondolowski went reminiscing up on the roof.

SHAMPOO SHENANIGANS: Boy, things must be really slow at US camp. Because while his two teammates were up on the roof, USMNT midfielder Mix Diskerud was making shapes ... out of his hair.

WHO LET THE DOG OUT? Now the World Cup can officially start. Pitbull is in Brazil with J-Lo and they sang the World Cup anthem. Now, is that the last time we have to hear it?

ROAD TO BRAZIL: You've heard of people setting on long road trips from the US to Brazil? Here are two guys who did it, except on motorcycles. A father, joined by his son, whose only mission was to spread the ashes of his parents in Brazil. Mission accomplished, according to this story told by ESPN's Wright Thompson

THROWING YOURSELF UNDER THE BUS: In some cases it's even more dangerous to be a pedestrian on the streets of Brazil. Especially if you just walk in front of your favorite team's bus. This lady did it:

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