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World Cup: What would you vow to do if the USA national soccer team won the World Cup in Brazil?

You've probably heard by now: It's 50 days until the start of the 2014 World Cup. And we're all allowed to dream a little.

But French national team midfielder Yohan Cabaye took it a step further.

He has promised to run naked from Newcastle to Sunderland if France wins it all in Brazil. That's pretty extreme. And some think France actually have a shot.

So let's take this 50-day mark to make like Cabaye and record our own vows well before the start of the tournament. Just in case the US bring home the trophy on Sunday, July 13, in Rio de Janeiro.

What do you promise to do if the US win the World Cup? Make it public in the comments section below.'s editors get things started:

Jonah Freedman: Will name his first-born son "Jurgen" (no umlaut).

Andrew Wiebe: Will wear a full US uniform – including cleats and shin guards – for the entire month of August. Everywhere he goes.

Nick Firchau: Will dip Simon Borg's bald head in oil and rub it all over his naked body.

Matt Doyle: Will permanently change his moniker from the "Armchair Analyst" to the "Stool Analyst."

Diego Pinzon: Will legally change his name to match that of the US player who scores the game-winner (or PK shootout winner) in the final. Here's hoping it's Jozy Altidore.

Jason Saghini: Will eat 50 servings of German spaetzle (with bacon and cheese) in a single sitting. We suggested strudels, he went spaetzle.

Nicholas Rosano: Will get a portrait of the USA's winning goalscorer shaved into the side of his head for the rest of 2014. Sounds complicated. He's paying for it.

Matt Folger: Will tattoo the US centennial crest on the back of his right hand – eat your heart out, Jermaine Jones.

Greg Lalas: Will adopt Simon Borg's look – shaved head and beard – for a year (as if this were a bad thing).

Charlie Boehm: Will permanently adopt an (the?) RFK Stadium raccoon as a housepet. At least it will already be domesticated.

Ben Baer: Will get laser-hair treatment to outline the US centennial crest on his hairy torso. This way the hair can't grow back.

Kristel Valencia: Will dye her hair red for an entire year (she wanted blonde, but we didn't allow it). Brightest shade available.

Simon Borg: Will resign from

Now what would you do? Tell us below:

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