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Ranking the Top 5 World Cup songs of all-time | SIDELINE

FIFA announced Thursday "We Are One" will be the official song for the 2014 World Cup, which will be performed by Brazilian singer Claudia Leitte, alongside international superstars Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez.

The song, which hasn't been recorded yet, will be produced by Pitbull and distributed by Sony Music in the upcoming months. That's why FutbolMLS.com has taken the time to rank its Top 5 official World Cup songs, from all the way back to 1974, to the most recent tournament in 2010.

Have a look (and listen):

5. FUTBOL, by Maryla Rodowicz (Germany 1974)

Long live disco! It couldn't have been any other way. Polish singer Maryla Rodowicz delighted us in 1974 with her Disco rendition of the World Cup anthem. Think Abba singing "The Cup of Life" (also in this ranking). The song has a very catchy rhythm and its lyrics range from Polish, to German and even some Spanish. Acceptable but not enough to make the podium.

4. EL MUNDIAL, by Plácido Domingo (Spain 1982)

Finally! This Plácido Domingo song is the first World Cup theme to ever make us identify with the host country, and the first one to be performed by a musician of the host nation. The tenor voice arranges itself perfectly in this Spanish folklore song that transports us to Spain 1982. ¡Y Olé!

3. UN'STATE ITALIANA, by Edoardo Bennato & Gianna Nannini (Italy 1990)

No, we have no idea who Edoardo or Gianna are, but Google the video to this song and you'll immediately fall for "Un'State Italiana," which translates to "An Italian Summer". It was chosen in 2010 as the second best soccer-themed song by Billboard, but it falls back in our chart because of their psychodelic Euro-pop.

2. WAKA WAKA (This Time for Africa), by Shakira (South Africa 2010)

It could have easily been No. 1 and knocked down Ricky Martin, but we've got to admit, we can't listen to this song anymore. Shakira and South African group Freshlyground were once the most viewed video in YouTube for this song, and are still in the top 10, even higher than One Direction, Miley Cyrus and Carly Rae Jepsen.

Let's hope FIFA is looking for something similar to "Waka Waka" with Brazil 2014's song. Could this have been the beginning of the Colombian singer's relationship with World Cup champion Gerard Piqué?

1. THE CUP OF LIFE, by Ricky Martin (France 1998)

"This should be the official song for every single World Cup," said Kristel Valencia on Tiro Libre Radio this week. Let's be honest, you agree with her. This is most excellent World Cup song, and transports us with every listen to the main soccer event. This song also launched Martin to international stardom after he performed it at the 1999 Grammy Awards.

"The Cup of Life" was No. 1 in more that 10 countries and hit platinum in several European nations. Martin will also be in charge of recording one of the fan-composed songs for the 2014 World Cup, after an international contest at SuperSong.com.

Honorable mention: WAVIN' FLAG, by K'naan (South Africa 2010)

Though K'naan's "Wavin' Flag" wasn't the official song of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, arguably more people remember and identify with the reggae fusion tune, thus earning it a mention at the end of any World Cup musical countdown.