Soccer: Canada's National Sport - a book covering 150 years of Canadian Soccer history
Les Jones — Soccer: Canada's National Sport

"Soccer: Canada's National Sport" is a brand new, must-have book for any Canadian soccer fan | SIDELINE

For fans of Major League Soccer's three Canadian teams and the men's and women's Canadian national teams, there's a brand new book you must be made aware of: Soccer: Canada's National Sport.

Written by Les Jones, the book hit the market just last month. The 256-page trip through history covers in great detail the first 150 years (1862-2012) of soccer in Canada from every conceivable angle.

From the book's website:

"The book is more story-telling than facts. It focuses on Canada’s surprising number of soccer achievements in the past 150 years, both at a team and individual level, and then adds the memorable, the unexpected, the controversial and the humorous. It is an entertaining read, with a profusion of photographs and illustrations.

"It is an over-size, coffee-table book full of stories about Canadian soccer achievements from 1862-2012. Its 256 colourful pages cover the very first games in Toronto, our first international in 1924, the 1986 World Cup, the 2012 Olympics and everything in between."

Whether it's de Rosario, de Vos, Lang or Sinclair you're interested in hearing about, if they were a part of the game's history in Canada, chances are you'll find them inside.

You can order your copy of Soccer: Canada's National Sport through the book's website.