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Is Lebron James courting David Beckham amid Miami expansion rumors? | SIDELINE

Reports have been rampant in recent weeks that David Beckham could be in line for an MLS expansion club in Miami. Nothing is officially confirmed, but Beckham has spoken recently about it.

“I am excited about owning a team . . . continuing to be part of the MLS in the future,” Beckham said last week, according to the Miami Herald. “Miami excites me because I think it’s a city that is very excitable. I’ve been to watch the basketball there. I’ve seen the [NFL’s Miami] Dolphins play. It’s a city where the people in the city love their sport.”

In the meantime, one of the most beloved athletes in the city, who knows a thing or two about  celebrated decisions to relocate to South Beach, would welcome Becks with open arms.

Lebron James, the all-star forward for the NBA's Miami Heat, has publicly invited Beckham, his wife, Victoria, and the rest of the family over for dinner if and when they move to town.

“It’s excellent news for Miami sport that he chose us," James said recently, according to “I met him when he came to watch the Heat play. He seems a cool guy so I’d like to get to know him more.

“I know things can be kind of crazy at the start, so I’d like to invite his family around our house to have dinner with our family. We live in a great neighborhood – it would be cool to be neighbors.”