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MLS Fantasy: Is it better to make transfers based on form and value, or pure intuition?

There are a few different ways to go about making transfers in MLS Fantasy Soccer: Manager. Some people base their moves primarily on instinct and pure intuition, while others choose to focus primarily on value. However you decide to go about bringing in players from week-to-week, there are some things you should consider.

There's no doubt that in professional sports, a high percentage of players go through streaks. These streaks, categorized as "form" in MLS Fantasy, can help greatly when deciding between two players. Value (form) and Value (season) are also helpful, especially if your budget is tighter. These categories can also be known as "bang for your buck."


  • A player's average score over the last 30 days

Currently, Robbie Keane of the LA Galaxy is leading all players in form at 7.8 ppg. Surprisingly, Portland's Andrew Jean-Baptiste ranks second at 7.2 ppg. Luis Robles (7.2), Camilo Sanvezzo (7.2) and Houston's Adam Moffat round out the top five. Jamison Olave also sits at 7.0. (See the latest "form" rankings)

Sometimes, with regards to form, you need to look further down the rankings. This is where you find the hidden gems, or sleepers, as we like to call it in fantasy sports. Guys like Soony Saad (6.4) and Chris Rolfe (5.8) are players that have looked great as of late. One more solid game and you could see these guys shoot all the way to the top.

Advice: Use this page to help you find sleepers in the rounds ahead


  • A player's form / value

This list is different than the one above because it takes the monetary value of each individual player into question. For fantasy owners with high team values, this list probably isn't all that important. The reason being is that these owners have enough money (or cap space) to splurge on any player they want.

(Note: Owners who make transfers early in the week will likely have higher team values than those who make transfers later in the week. At the same time, owners who wait longer to make transfers have the benefit of knowing more on a player's injury/disciplinary status.)


  • A player's total points / value

As of today, four goalkeepers rank among the top five players in this category. Robles (above) leads all players with a value of 19.3 for the season. Clint Irwin is second at 19.2 and Raul Fernandez ranks third at 19.1. Other notable players ranking among the top 10 — Rodney Wallace and Matt Hedges are tied for fifth at 18.6, and Markus Holgersson ranks 10th at 18.4.

This list is based entirely on "bang for your buck" over the course of the season and something you should continue to look at in the weeks ahead.

Advice: If your team value is $105.0m or below you should try to frequent Values (season) as much as possible

Transfers IN (by round)

If you're looking to build the value of your team, this page is a very important asset. Once a player increases upwards of the 200 range, it's time to invest. Currently, the highest team value in MLS Fantasy is $117.2m, but this player is only fielding a team worth $102.4m. So, while it may be important to grow your bankroll, it's not the end all be all.

When do you make your transfers? Is your bankroll increasing or declining. Leave your comments below.

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