MLS Fantasy: Sporting KC depth, Thierry Henry's status and some solid sleeper picks

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MLS Fantasy Soccer: Manager Experts Jason Saghini and Andrew Wiebe are back again with another episode of Starting Lineup (above), taking the questions you submitted to @MLSFantasy and our Starting Lineup blog that comes out every Tuesday asking for your questions. This week, we received a lot of questions so if you don’t find you question listed below, it might’ve made its way to production in the video above. Good luck this week managers.

1. Travis Luscombe (@travi_the_rabbi) asks: Do you think Aurélien Collin's stock's going to go up this week, even with the SKC bye? (@MLSFantasy comment)

No. Collin has a very low total of overall Net Transfers In at the moment. And, as I discussed in an article earlier this season (the secret formula for predicting value increases), it will take roughly 300 Net Transfers In in order for a player’s value to increase $0.1m. Remember that player values are updated every morning around 3am as well. If a player is close to that magic number, he’ll likely increase the following morning.

Tip: Bookmark this page if you want to have an insider track on predicting increases in player values. Once a player's Net Transfers In starts to approach the 300-mark, look to invest.

2. Mike Beck (@mbeck11) asks: Getting frustrated w/ Henry and Valeri. What's a better Mid/For combo at $18.2m? I already have Zusi, B. Davis & Wondo. (@MLSFantasy comment)

There’s absolutely no reason you should be looking to offload Thierry Henry right now. With an upcoming double-game-week for the New York Red Bulls in Round 8, every starter for NYRB (especially Henry), is worth holding on to. If you decide to get rid of Diego Valeri for $7.8m, here are some options; Edgar Mejía ($7.2m) this week, Benny Feilhaber ($7.8m) the following week.

Tip: Valeri hasn’t trained this week and he’s been really inconsistent since Week 1. Offload him until he finds his form again.

3. Anthony (@tasty_clowns) asks: Who do you like more over the coming 3 weeks, Robert Earnshaw or Juan Agudelo? (@MLSFantasy comment)

Agudelo is “Questionable” this week with a hamstring strain. He exited his last game in 34th minute, but with an extra week of rest in hand; he should be capable of suiting up this weekend. Pay close attention to Friday's fantasy article regarding injuries and suspensions. How much he plays this weekend will likely be determined tomorrow.

Tip: Both of these players have decent matchups in the next several weeks. You won’t have to worry about them having a bye either. This really all depends on Agudelo’s status, but he’s the more attractive play if I had to choose between the two.

4. Mark Gambacorto asks: Who should we focus on for the upcoming double-game-week for Sporting KC and the New York Red Bulls? I have Zusi and Collin – Could bring in Besler and McCarty. I would like to see 180 minutes from all players. (Starting Lineup blog comment)

Matt Besler ($6.0m) and Dax McCarty ($8.2m) are two solid options worth bringing in and good long-term investments. Try to bring in McCarty this week and another New York Red Bulls player as well, Thierry Henry if possible. Make sure you have enough players on your bench to field all eleven positions this week.

Tip: Red Bulls players will be on the rise next week, so if you can get them this week it will be beneficial to you team’s value.

5. HurricanelDoter asks: Perry Kitchen is my cheapest midfielder and I've got $1.1 million in the bank. Who should I upgrade to? (Starting Lineup blog comment)

Perry Kitchen is averaging just less than four points per game this season so he’s not a bad play at $5.8m. Here are three options under $6.9m that could be worthy of a transfer; Andrew Jacobson ($6.1m) this week, Oriol Rosell ($6.8m) next week. Carlos Alvarez ($5.2m) as a sleeper.

That does it for Round 7 of Q & A with the Experts. Tweet your questions to @MLSFantasy and don’t forget to check out the MLS Fantasy homepage when you get a chance. 


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