Chivas USA midfielder Oswaldo Minda talks to the media.
Courtesy of Chivas USA

Chivas USA's Oswaldo Minda considered Ecuador before Chivas return

CARSON, Calif. – Budgetary concerns kept Oswaldo Minda in limbo for much of preseason training camp, but the Ecuadorian midfielder was glad to stick with Chivas USA this season, citing a comfort level with new manager José Luis "El Chelís" Sánchez Solá.

“I had possibilities to return to Ecuador or play in other countries,” Minda told “There were various places that were interested in acquiring my services. There was some doubt here due to the budget, but I’m here and happy. My family is doing well. Whatever [Chelís] needs, I’m at his disposal.”

The 29-year-old midfielder was acquired in late 2011 from Ecuadorian side Sociedad Deportivo Quito and made 22 appearances for Chivas USA last season, scoring his only goal in a 1-0 victory against Toronto FC in April.

Up until three weeks ago, Minda didn’t know whether he would stay in the United States.

"I didn’t clearly know if I would be here due to their budget or if I would be returning to Ecuador,” Minda said. “But I found out and I’ve been doing the work that the coaching staff has asked. From what I’ve seen, we’ve done good work here. Chivas USA is completely convinced that we must start the season on the right foot. We must have clear objectives and be ambitious.”

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Minda, who has 15 international caps since 2010, played on championship-winning teams in his home country and is hopeful for an opportunity to do the same here. Qualifying for the postseason is the main objective, he said.

“If you’re not in the playoffs, no one sees you and no one returns to see you,” Minda added. “To have success we’ve got to compete but, most importantly, win. That’s the most important goal for any athlete.”

Edgar “El Chore” Mejía, on loan from CD Guadalajara, and 20-year-old MLS debutant Marvin Iraheta were the starting central midfielders in the opener last week, while Minda was not listed on the 18-player game-day roster.