2011-12 Transactions (UPDATED)

IN: G Jay Nolly (12/5: trade from Vancouver); F Kheli Dube (12/12: Re-Entry Stage 2/New England); M Rafael Robayo (1/9: free/Millonarios); F Federico Puppo (1/11: free/Danubio); D Austin Berry (1/12: SuperDraft); F Lucky Mkosana (1/12: SuperDraft); D Hunter Jumper (1/12: SuperDraft); M Tony Walls (1/17: supplemental draft); D Arne Friedrich (3/7: free); GK Paolo Tornaghi (3/8: free/Inter Milan)

OUT: F Christian Nazarit (12/7: option declined); F Gabriel Ferrari (12/7: option declined); G Alec Dufty (12/12: option declined); M Baggio Husidic (12/12: Re-Entry Stage 2/Colorado); G Jon Conway (12/12: Re-Entry Stage 2/LA Galaxy); F Diego Chaves, (1/15: free/Palestino); D Yamith Cuesta (12/7: loan expired); D Josip Mikulic (1/26: waived)

IN: M Ryan Smith (11/21: trade from Sporting KC); D James Riley (11/23: from Seattle, via trade from Montreal); M Oswaldo Minda (12/21: SD Quito); M Miller Bolaños (1/11: LDU Quito); F Casey Townsend (1/12: SuperDraft); D R.J. Allen (1/17: supplemental draft); G Tim Melia (1/17: free); D John Valencia (1/24: Atlético Junior); M Marvin Iraheta (1/24: Cosmos Academy); D Rauwshan McKenzie (2/22: free); M Peter Vagenas (2/22: free); F Cesar Romero (2/22: free)

OUT: Justin Braun (11/23: trade to Montreal); M Gerson Mayen (11/23: trade to Montreal); D Zarek Valentin (11/23: expansion draft); M Paulo Nagamura (11/29: trade to Sporting KC); D Andrew Boyens (12/12: Re-Entry Stage 2/LA Galaxy); F Chukwudi Chujindu (12/12: option declined); M Simon Elliott (12/12: out of contract); G Zach Thornton (12/12: option declined); D Mariano Trujillo (12/12: option declined); D Michael Umaña (1/2: free/Comunicaciones); F Marcos Mondaini (1/4: loan option declined); G Sergio Arias (1/4: loan option declined); F Víctor Estupiñán (1/4: option declined)

IN: D Hunter Freeman (12/12: Re-Entry Stage 2/Houston); M Tony Cascio (1/12: SuperDraft); M Kohei Yamada (1/17: supplemental draft); G Joel Helmick (1/17: supplemental draft); M Jaime Castrillón (1/25: free/Independiente Medellín); M Martín Rivero (2/16: loan/Rosario Central); D Luis Zapata (2/24: free)

OUT: Sanna Nyassi (11/23: expansion draft); D Mike Holody (11/30: option declined); D Danny Earls (11/30: option declined); D Miguel Comminges (11/30: option declined); F Caleb Folan (2/3: released); F/M Macoumba Kandji (2/8: trade to Houston)

IN: D Carlos Mendes (12/5: Re-Entry Stage 1/New York); G Matt Lampson (12/15: Homegrown); M Milovan Mirosevic (1/4: free/Universidad Católica); F Olman Vargas (1/6: free/Club Herediano); F Ben Speas (1/11: Homegrown); F Ethan Finlay (1/12: SuperDraft); D Aubrey Perry (1/12: SuperDraft); M Kevan George (1/12: SuperDraft): M Kirk Urso (1/17: supplemental draft); D Jamie Finch (1/17: supplemental draft)

OUT: D Josh Gardner (11/23: expansion draft); M Santiago Prim (11/23: waived); D Dejan Rusmir (11/23: waived); F Andrés Mendoza (12/6: option declined); M Kevin Burns (12/12: option declined); F Jeff Cunningham (12/12: option declined); M Robbie Rogers (1/11: free/Leeds United); M Emmanuel Ekpo (2/23: free/Molde)

IN: D Robbie Russell (11/29: trade from RSL); M Nick DeLeon (1/12: SuperDraft); M Lance Rozeboom (1/17: supplemental draft); F Maicon Santos (1/18: free); M Danny Cruz (1/20: trade from Houston); D Emiliano Dudar (1/25: free/BSC Young Boys); F Hamdi Salihi (2/2: Rapid Vienna); M Marcelo Saragosa (2/6: Ravan Baku); GK Andrew Dykstra (2/27: free); M Lewis Neal (3/13: Orlando City)

OUT: M Santino Quaranta (12/7: retired); D Marc Burch (12/12: Re-Entry Stage 2/Seattle); M Clyde Simms (12/12: Re-Entry Stage 2/New England); M Brandon Barklage (12/12: option declined); G Steve Cronin (12/12: option declined); F Joseph Ngwenya (12/12: option declined); D Jed Zayner (12/12: option declined); Devon McTavish (12/22: retired); M Austin da Luz; F Blake Brettschneider (2/3: waived); M Conor Shanosky (3/2: loaned to Fort Lauderdale)

IN: F Blas Pérez (1/3: free/Indios de Ciudad Juárez); D Hernán Pertúz (1/3: free/Independiente Medellín); D Matt Hedges (1/12: SuperDraft); D Alex Lee (1/17: supplemental draft); F Walter Hines (1/17: supplemental draft); D Ian Kalis (1/17: supplemental draft); D Carlos Rodríguez (1/20: Tauro FC); F Scott Sealy (3/1: free)

OUT: D Edson Edward (11/23: waived); D Jeremy Hall (11/29: trade to Toronto); F Maykel Galindo (12/12: option declined); F Maicon Santos (12/12: option declined); M Marvin Chávez (12/16: trade to San Jose); M Jackson (1/18: loan to Cruzeiro)

IN:  M Nathan Sturgis (12/29: trade from Toronto); F Colin Rolfe (1/12: SuperDraft); M Warren Creavalle (1/12: SuperDraft); F Brian Ownby (1/17: supplemental draft); F Karo Okiomah (1/17: supplemental draft); M Eder Arreola (1/17: supplemental draft); F Phillip Aseweh (1/17: supplemental draft); M Daniel Roberts (1/17: supplemental draft); F/M Macoumba Kandji (2/8: trade from Colorado); F Brian Ching (2/16: trade from Montreal); G Erich Marscheider (2/22: waiver wire)

OUT: M Francisco Navas Cobo (11/23: waived); G Evan Newton (11/23: waived); F Carlo Costly (11/24: option declined); D Hunter Freeman (12/12: Re-Entry Stage 2/Colorado); F Jason Garey (12/12: option declined); D Eddie Robinson (1/11: retired); M Danny Cruz (1/20: trade to D.C.)

IN: D Andrew Boyens (12/12: Re-Entry Stage 2/Chivas USA); D Chris Leitch (12/12: Re-Entry Stage 2/San Jose); F Pat Noonan (12/12: Re-Entry Stage 2/Seattle); M Marcelo Sarvas (12/13: free/Alajuelense); M Jose Villarreal (12/22: Homegrown); D Tommy Meyer (1/12: SuperDraft); M Kenney Walker (1/12: SuperDraft); F Bryan Gaul (1/17: supplemental draft); M Rafael Garcia (1/17: supplemental draft); D Justin Davies (1/17: supplemental draft); F Edson Buddle (2/1: free); M Kyle Nakazawa (2/1: trade from Philadelphia); G Bill Gaudette (2/29: free)

OUT: D Gregg Berhalter (12/9: retired); Donovan Ricketts (11/28: trade to Montreal); G Jon Conway (1/10: retired); M/F Miguel López (1/10: loan expired); M Jovan Kirovski (1/23: retired); D Dasan Robinson (1/27: retired); D Chris Leitch (1/30: retired); D Frankie Hejduk (1/30: contract expired)

IN: D Nelson Rivas (10/3: free/Inter Milan, Italy); G Evan Bush (10/21: NASL Impact); D Sinisa Ubiparipovic (11/1: NASL Impact); M Hassoun Camara (11/3: NASL Impact); D Jeb Brovsky (11/23: expansion draft); D Josh Gardner (11/23: expansion draft); M Justin Mapp (11/23: expansion draft); M Sanna Nyassi (11/23: expansion draft); D James Riley (11/23: expansion draft); D Seth Sinovic (11/23: expansion draft); M Collen Warner (11/23: expansion draft); D Zarek Valentin (11/23: expansion draft); F Justin Braun (11/23: trade from Chivas USA); M Gerson Mayen (11/23: trade from Chivas USA); D Tyson Wahl (11/23: trade from Seattle Sounders); M Bryan Arguez (11/25: free/Ft. Lauderdale Strikers);  M Davy Arnaud (11/28: trade from Sporting KC); G Donovan Ricketts (11/28: trade from LA); M Ian Westlake (12/5: NASL Impact); M Miguel Montaño (12/7: free/Seattle); G Greg Sutton (12/9: free/New York); M Patrice Bernier (12/19: free/Lyngby); M Felipe Martins (12/21: free/FC Lugano); D/F Andrew Wenger (1/12: SuperDraft); M Calum Mallace (1/12: SuperDraft); M Evan James (1/17: supplemental draft); D Geinir García (1/17: trade from Vancouver); D Shavar Thomas (1/20: free); F Eddie Johnson (2/17: allocation); F Mike Fucito (2/17: trade from Seattle); M Lamar Neagle (2/17: trade from Seattle); F Eduardo Sebrango (2/21: free); D Matteo Ferrari (3/1: free)

OUT: D James Riley (11/23: trade to Chivas USA); D Seth Sinovic (11/28: trade to Sporting KC); F Brian Ching (2/16: traded to Houston); F Eddie Johnson (2/17: traded to Seattle); M Ian Westlake (2/27: waived)

IN: D Danleigh Borman (12/5: Re-Entry Stage 1/Toronto); F Nate Jaqua (12/12: Re-Entry Stage 2/Seattle); M Clyde Simms (12/12: Re-Entry Stage 2/D.C. United); D John Lozano (1/9: free/América de Cali); M/F Fernando Cárdenas (1/9: free/América de Cali); M Kelyn Rowe (1/12: SuperDraft); D Tyler Polak (1/12: SuperDraft); M Rick Smith (1/17: supplemental draft); M Alec Purdie (1/17: supplemental draft); D Kevin Garcia (1/17: supplemental draft); F Mike Roach (1/17: supplemental draft); F José Moreno (2/2: loan/Once Caldas); F Saer Sene (2/13: free: Bayern Munich); M/F Lee Nguyen (3/2: waiver draft); F Blake Brettschneider (3/6: free); M Alec Purdie (3/6: free); M Michael Roach (3/6: free); M Jeremiah White (3/8: free); D Florian Lechner (3/14: free); F Jerry Bengtson (7/05: transfer, Motagua)

OUT: Alan Koger (11/23: waived); D Otto Loewy (11/23: waived); M Andrew Sousa (11/23: waived); F Milton Caraglio (11/30: option declined); F Monsef Zerka (11/30: option declined); D Ryan Cochrane (12/1: option declined); M Franco Coria (12/1: option declined); M Pat Phelan (12/1: option declined); F Kheli Dube (12/12: Re-Entry Stage 2/Chicago); F Rajko Lekic (1/31: free/Lyngby); F Zack Schilawski (3/5: waived); M Ryan Kinne (3/5: waived)

IN: D Connor Lade (12/5: Homegrown); D Jonathan Borrajo (1/5: free/Hamarkameratene); D Markus Holgersson (1/12: free/Helsingborg); F Kenny Cooper (1/12: trade from Portland); G Ryan Meara (1/12: SuperDraft); D Mike Volk (1/17: supplemental draft); M Christian Barreiro (1/17: supplemental draft); M Nate Polak (1/17: supplemental draft); G Jeremy Vuolo (1/25: free/AC Oulu); D Wilman Conde (1/30: rights from Chicago); M Victor Pálsson (2/10: free); D Tyler Ruthven (3/6: free); M Brandon Barklage (3/6: free); F Jose Angulo (3/6: free); F Jhonny Arteaga (3/6: free); M Tim Cahill (7/26: transfer, Everton)

OUT: Alex Horwath (11/23: waived); D Mychal Jones (11/23: waived); D Tyler Lassiter (11/23: waived); M Marcos Paullo (11/23: waived); M John Rooney (11/23: waived); D Teddy Schneider (11/23: waived); G Frank Rost (11/23: contract expired); D Carlos Mendes (Re-Entry Stage 1/Columbus); D Chris Albright (12/12: option declined); G Bouna Coundoul (12/12: option declined); D Tim Ream (1/26: transfer/Bolton Wanderers); D Sacir Hot (2/17: waived); M Matt Kassel (2/17: waived)

IN: F Josué Martínez (12/7: transfer, Deportivo Saprissa); M Jimmy McLaughlin (12/12: Homegrown); M Gabriel Gómez (12/21: Indios/Mexico); D Porfirio López (12/22: Dalian Haichang/China); F Chandler Hoffman (1/12: SuperDraft); M Greg Jordan (1/12: SuperDraft); D Raymon Gaddis (1/12: SuperDraft); F Krystian Witkowski (1/17: supplemental draft); F Antoine Hoppenot (1/17: supplemental draft); F Lionard Pajoy (2/8: Itagüí Ditaires); D Chris Albright (2/13: free); K Chase Harrison (2/21: free); G Chris Konopka (3/2: free); F Cristhian Hernandez (3/5: Homegrown)

OUT: D Juan Diego González (11/23: waived); G Thorne Holder (11/23: waived); M Justin Mapp (11/23: expansion draft); G Chase Harrison (12/12: option declined); M Stefani Miglioranzi (12/12: option declined); F Levi Houapeu (1/17: option declined); M Morgan Langley (1/17: option declined); M/D Ryan Richter (1/17: option declined); D Joe Tait (1/17: option declined); F Veljko Paunovic (1/18: retired); G Faryd Mondragón (1/30: released); F Sébastien Le Toux (1/30: trade to Vancouver); M Kyle Nakazawa (2/1: trade to LA); M Nizar Khalfan (2/22: released)

IN: F José Adolfo Valencia (12/14: Independiente Santa Fe/Colombia); F Brent Richards (1/4: Homegrown); D Andrew Jean-Baptiste (1/12: SuperDraft); D Hanyer Mosquera (1/17: free); F Kris Boyd (1/30: free); M Charles Renken (1/31: waiver wire); M Franck Songo'o (2/16: free); GK Joe Bendik (2/24: Sogndal)

OUT: D Kevin Goldthwaite (11/29: retired); F/M Ryan Pore (12/1; option declined); G Adin Brown (12/12: option declined); M Rodrigo López (12/12: option declined); M Peter Lowry (12/12: option declined); F Brian Umony (12/12: option declined); F Kenny Cooper (1/12: trade to New York)

IN: M Enzo Martinez (1/12: SuperDraft); D Diogo de Almeida (1/12: SuperDraft); M Sebastián Velásquez (1/12: SuperDraft); F Emiliano Bonfigli (1/17: supplemental draft); D Leone Cruz (1/17: trade rights from Seattle); M Jonny Steele (2/22: Carolina RailHawks); G Lalo Fernandez (2/24: Homegrown) 

OUT: Tim Melia (11/23: waived); M Collen Warner (11/23: expansion draft); D Robbie Russell (11/29: trade to D.C.); M Jean Alexandre (12/1: trade to San Jose); M Arturo Alvarez (12/5: Re-Entry Stage 1/Chivas USA); M Andy Williams (12/5: retired); D Nelson González (12/12: option declined); D Rauwshan McKenzie (12/12: option declined); M Blake Wagner (12/12: option declined)

IN: M Shea Salinas (11/30: trade from Vancouver); M Jean Alexandre (12/1: trade from RSL); M Marvin Chávez (12/16: trade from FC Dallas); D Víctor Bernárdez (12/21: free/Anderlecht); F Sam Garza (1/12: SuperDraft); M Jacob Hustedt (1/12: SuperDraft); F Cesar Diaz Pizarro (1/17: supplemental draft); F Sercan Güvenisik (1/26: Preußen Münster); M Tressor Moreno (2/2: free); M/F Simon Dawkins (2/14: loan); D Josh Suggs (free/LA Blues); GK Evan Newton (3/9: free/Tampa Bay FC)

OUT: D Bobby Burling (11/23: expansion draft); M Matt Luzunaris (12/1: waived); M/D Bobby Convey (12/2: trade to Sporting KC); D Chris Leitch (12/12: Re-Entry Stage 2/LA Galaxy); M André Luiz (12/12: option declined); M Jacob Peterson (12/12: option declined); F Scott Sealy (12/12: option declined); G Andrew Weber (12/12: option declined); F Chris Agorsor (2/10: released); F/D Donny Toia (2/10: released)

IN: G Michael Gspurning (12/7: free/Skoda Xanthi); D Marc Burch (12/12: Re-Entry Stage 2/D.C. United); D Adam Johansson (12/29: free/Göteborg); M Christian Sivebaek (1/11: free/Midtjylland); D Andrew Duran (1/12: SuperDraft); F Babayele Sodade (1/12: SuperDraft); D Tim Pontius (1/17: supplemental draft); M Andy Rose (1/17: trade from Real Salt Lake); F Cordell Cato (1/18: free/Defence Force FC); F Eddie Johnson (2/17: trade from Montreal); G Andrew Weber (3/2: free); M Alex Caskey (3/13: transfer from Charleston Battery)

OUT: G Kasey Keller (11/2: retired); D James Riley (11/23: to Chivas USA, via expansion draft); D Tyson Wahl (11/23: trade to Montreal); GK Terry Boss (12/2: retired); D Taylor Graham (12/2, retired); F Nate Jaqua (12/12: Re-Entry Stage 2/New England); F Pat Noonan (12/12: Re-Entry Stage 2/LA Galaxy); M Erik Friberg (12/12: transfer/Malmö); F Mike Fucito (2/17: trade to Montreal); M Lamar Neagle (2/17: trade to Montreal)

IN:Seth Sinovic (11/28: trade from Montreal); M Paulo Nagamura (11/29: trade from Chivas USA); M/D Bobby Convey (12/2: trade from San Jose); F Dom Dwyer (1/12: SuperDraft); D Cyprian Hedrik (1/12: SuperDraft); M Michael Thomas (1/18: Ljungskile SK/Sweden); F Jacob Peterson (1/19: free/San Jose Earthquakes)

OUT: M Davy Arnaud (11/28: trade to Montreal); M Jéferson (11/23: waived); D Scott Lorenz (11/23: waived); M Craig Rocastle (11/23: waived); D Seth Sinovic (11/23: expansion draft) M Milos Stojcev (11/23: waived); F Omar Bravo (12/12: Cruz Azul/Mexico); D Shavar Thomas (12/12: option declined); M Daneil Cyrus (1/22: waived)

IN: D Jeremy Hall (11/29: trade from Dallas); M Reggie Lambe (12/7: free/Ipswich Town); M Luis Silva (1/12: SuperDraft); D Aaron Maund (1/12: SuperDraft); D Geovanny Caicedo (1/26: LDU Quito); D Miguel Aceval (1/30: Universidad de Concepción)

OUT: D Kyle Davies (11/23: waived); M Matt Gold (11/23: waived); M Leandre Griffit (11/23: waived); F Javier Martina (11/23: waived); D Demitrius Omphroy (11/23: waived); D Eddy Viator (11/23: waived); M Gianluca Zavarise (11/23: waived); D Danleigh Borman (12/5: Re-Entry Stage 1/New England); M Nathan Sturgis (12/29: Trade to Houston) F Mikael Yourassowsky (1/18: waived); D Andy Iro (1/20: declined extension); F Peri Marosevic (1/20: declined extension); M Elbekay Bouchiba (2/28: waived); D Geovanny Caicedo (3/8: contract terminated)

IN: M Bryce Alderson (11/17: Homegrown), D Lee Young-Pyo (12/7: free); M/F Lee Nguyen (12/15: weighted lottery); M Matt Watson (12/16: free/Carolina); D Martín Bonjour (1/6: free/Rampla Juniors); F Darren Mattocks (1/12: SuperDraft); G Brad Knighton (1/17: Carolina); D/M Greg Klazura (1/17: supplemental draft); M Jun Marques Davidson (1/19: free); F Sébastien Le Toux (1/30: trade from Philadelphia); M Barry Robson (2/16: free/Middlesbrough, arriving in July); F Etienne Barbara (2/28: free/rights acquired from Montreal on 1/17); M Floyd Franks (3/6: free)

OUT: D Jeb Brovsky (11/23: expansion draft); D Bilal Duckett (11/23: waived); M Nizar Khalfan (11/23: waived); M Alexandre Morfaw (11/23: waived); M Shea Salinas (11/30: trade to San Jose); D Greg Janicki (11/30: option declined); M Pete Vagenas (11/30: option declined); D Jonathan Leathers (11/30: option declined); G Jay Nolly (12/5: trade to Chicago); D Geinier García (1/17: trade to Montreal); F Mustapha Jarju (1/21: contract terminated); M Philippe Davies (1/21: option declined); M/F Lee Nguyen (3/1: waived)


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