MLS Offseason Transactions: Dec. 15, 2010

IN: Cory Gibbs (Re-Entry Stage 2)

OUT: C.J. Brown (retired), Krysztof Krol (loan expired), Brian McBride (retired) Peter Lowry (expansion draft to POR), John Thorrington (expansion draft to VAN), Collins John (released), Wilman Conde (signed with Atlas)

IN: Alejandro Moreno (trade with VAN), Alan Gordon (trade with VAN), Jimmy Conrad (Re-Entry Stage 2), Tristan Bowen (trade with LA)

OUT: Jonathan Bornstein (out of contract / expansion draft to POR), Alan Gordon (expansion draft to VAN), Giancarlo Maldonado (loan expiration) Marcelo Saragosa (option declined), Alex Zotinca (option declined), Eduardo Lillingston (option declined)

IN: Peter Vagenas (trade with SEA), Anthony Wallace (trade with POR), Joseph Nane (trade with TFC), Sanna Nyassi (trade with VAN), Tyrone Marshall (Re-Entry Stage 2)

OUT: Anthony Wallace (Portland - Expansion Draft), Ross Schunk (waived), Julien Baudet (trade to SEA), Danny Earls (trade to SEA), Claudio Lopez (option declined), Ciaran O'Brien (option declined), Peter Vagenas (option declined)

IN: Aaron Hohlbein (Re-Entry Stage 1), Jeff Cunningham (Re-Entry Stage 2)

OUT: Eric Brunner (expansion draft to POR), Adam Moffat (expansion draft to POR), Jason Garey (traded to HOU), Brian Carroll (traded to PHI), Leandre Griffit (waived) Guillermo Barros Schelotto (option declined), Gino Padula (option declined), Duncan Oughton (option declined), Frankie Hejduk (Re-Entry Draft to KC)

IN: Dax McCarty (trade with POR), Joseph Ngwenya (Re-Entry Stage 1), Ethan White (Univ. Maryland), Josh Wolff (Re-Entry Stage 2)

OUT: Rodney Wallace (trade with POR), Jordan Graye (expansion draft to POR), Danny Allsopp (released) Juan Manuel Pena (option declined), Barry Rice (option declined), Brandon Barklage (option declined), Carlos Varela (option declined), Jaime Moreno (option declined)

IN: Chris Seitz (trade with SEA)

OUT: Dax McCarty (expansion draft to POR), Atiba Harris (expansion draft to VAN) Jeff Cunningham (Re-Entry Draft to CLB), Dario Sala (option declined)

IN: Jason Garey (trade with CLB), Jordan Graye (trade with POR)

OUT:  Ryan Cochrane (Re-Entry Draft to NE), Joseph Ngwenya (Re-Entry Draft to DC), Richard Mulrooney (option declined), Pat Onstad (option declined), Adrian Serioux (option declined)

IN: Juan Pablo Angel (Re-Entry Stage 2), Frankie Hejduk (trade with SKC / Re-Entry Stage 2)

OUT: Chris Klein (retired), Eddie Lewis (retired) Dema Kovalenko (option declined), Tristan Bowen (trade to CHV)

IN: Ryan Cochrane (Re-Entry Stage 2), Fred (Re-Entry Stage 2)

OUT: Taylor Twellman (removed from roster) Preston Burpo (option declined), Nico Colaluca (option declined), Cory Gibbs (Re-Entry Draft to CHI), Khano Smith (option declined)

IN: None

OUT: Mike Petke (retired), Seth Stammler (retired), John Wolyniec (retired), Jeremy Hall (trade with POR) Luke Sassano (Re-Entry Draft to LA), Carey Talley (option declined), Juan Pablo Angel (Re-Entry Draft to LA)

IN: Brian Carroll (trade with CLB)

OUT: Alejandro Moreno (Expansion Draft to VAN), Shea Salinas (Expansion Draft to VAN), Chris Seitz (Re-Entry Draft to SEA), Fred (Re-Entry Draft to NE)

IN: Steve Cronin (D-2), Bright Dike (D-2), Jeremy Hall (trade with NY), Eddie Johnson (D-2), Ryan Pore (D-2), Rodney Wallace (trade with DC), Kerrea Gilbert (out of contract), Kalif Alhassan (D-2), Mamadou Danso (D-2), Kevin Goldthwaite (D-2), James Marcelin (D-2)

EXPANSION DRAFT: Dax McCarty (from FCD), Eric Brunner (from CLB), David Horst (from RSL), Anthony Wallace (from COL), Adam Moffatt (from CLB), Robbie Findley (from RSL), Peter Lowry (from CHI), Jonathan Bornstein (from CHV), Jordan Graye (from DC), Arturo Alvarez (from SJ)

OUT: Dax McCarty (trade with DC), Anthony Wallace (trade to COL), Arturo Alvarez (trade with RSL), Jordan Graye (trade to HOU)
IN: Arturo Alvarez (trade with POR)OUT: David Horst (expansion draft to POR), Robbie Findley (out of contract / expansion draft to POR), Alex Nimo (waived)

IN: Omar Bravo (Designated Player), Luke Sassano (trade with LA / Re-Entry Stage 2)

OUT: Jonathan Leathers (expansion draft to VAN), Josh Wolff (Re-Entry Draft to DC), Jimmy Conrad (Re-Entry Draft to CHV), Aaron Hohlbein (Re-Entry Draft to CLB)

IN: None

OUT: Arturo Alvarez (expansion draft to POR), Joe Cannon (expansion draft to VAN) Khari Stephenson (option declined), Geovanni (option declined), Eduardo (option declined), Cornell Glen (option declined)

IN: Julien Baudet (trade with COL), Danny Earls (trade with COL), O’Brian White (trade with VAN), Chris Seitz (Re-Entry Stage 2)


OUT: Sanna Nyassi (expansion draft to VAN), Nate Sturgis (expansion draft to VAN), Peter Vagenas (traded to COL), Tyrone Marshall (Re-Entry Draft to COL), Chris Seitz (trade with DAL)

IN: Nathan Sturgis (trade with VAN)

OUT: O'Brian White (expansion draft to VAN), Joseph Nane (trade with COL), Gabe Gala (released), Martin Saric (released), Maxim Usanov (released), Raivis Hscanovics (released), Mista (released) Nick Garcia (option declined), Fuad Ibrahim (option declined), Amadou Sanyang (option declined)

IN: Jay DeMerit (free agent), Wes Knight (D-2), Jay Nolly (D-2), Philippe Davies (D-2), Terry Dunfield (D-2), Greg Janicki (D-2)

EXPANSION DRAFT: Sanna Nyassi (from SEA), Atiba Harris (from FCD), Nathan Sturgis (from SEA), Shea Salinas (from PHI), Alan Gordon (from CHV), O’Brian White (from TFC), Alejandro Moreno (from PHI), Joe Cannon (from SJ), Jonathan Leathers (from SKC), John Thorrington (from CHI)

OUT: Alan Gordon (trade with CHV), Alejandro Moreno (trade with CHV), Sanna Nyassi (trade with COL), O’Brian White (trade with SEA), Nathan Sturgis (trade with TFC)