Mario Torres is getting to know his new teammates in Spain.

Torres makes dream come true

The first local Hispanic League player to be offered a contract in FC Dallas' history, Mario Torres took a few minutes to chat with about his thrill of being offered a contract, his advice for other Dallas Hispanic League players and how he got his nickname "El Gato". Describe how you felt when Greg Elliott, Colin Clarke and FC Dallas extended a contract to you after the SMU exhibition last Thursday evening?

Mario Torres: "I felt very good, and it's really hard for me to put into words. I was satisfied with myself and excited to join this team. I'm thrilled to be here in Spain right now. It's a dream come true." What would you like to say to all the other Dallas Hispanic League players?

Torres: "I would tell them to work hard and give it their all every day. I would also tell them to set their goals high and aim for their goals until you reach it. Playing hard and giving it everything I got is how I am here with FC Dallas today." How has head coach Colin Clarke and FC Dallas treated you since your arrival in training camp?

Torres: "Colin has been very helpful to me since I came in. Everybody from FC Dallas and my teammates as well have been great. The coaches have been very nice to me and have already taught me so much. This whole time has been such a great experience." Have there been any players on the team that you have gotten to know during your short time with FC Dallas?

Torres: "I am trying to do that right now because coming to Spain for two weeks allows a player to get to know his teammates a lot better. Already though, most of my teammates have been great at giving me a hand and helping me out when I've needed it. When those guys talk to me and help me, it gives me the confidence I need." When do you get the nickname "El Gato"?

Torres: "I got that nickname when I was in Mexico as a little kid. It was mainly because of my eyes. It's also the type of soccer I play, according to those people, but I definitely like it." Oscar Pareja was talking to you in an energetic way after training today. What exactly was he talking to you about?

Torres: "Oscar was giving me a few pointers and tips that I always need to hear. It's really special for me to have the opportunity to listen to the advice from Oscar on a daily basis. The whole time I have been here, he has been very helpful and I always take what he says to me to heart."

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