Real Salt Lake -- World's sport now Utah's passion

Major League Soccer's 12th team unveiled its globally-inspired name -- ReAL SALT LAKE -- as well as its new logo, colors and identity at Rice-Eccles Stadium today, celebrating the international flair and multi-cultural distinction of Utah's newest professional sports organization.

"Internationally, the ReAL brand signifies soccer at its highest level -- soccer with excitement, tradition and flair," said David W. Checketts, the team's owner and chairman. "The name symbolizes dignity, history and, quite literally, royalty. It is our mission to establish those attributes for our team."

ReAL SALT LAKE (pronounced RAY-äl) takes the field in Spring, 2005, wearing Claret Red, Cobalt Blue and Real Gold uniforms with a classic shield logo that incorporates an iconic crown, suggestive of the majestic heritage and international spirit of soccer teams around the globe.

"The presence of the sport of soccer on the international stage inspired our unique nomenclature," said Checketts. "We are thinking globally in our vision and aspirations; bringing an MLS team to Salt Lake inserts us into the international sports community. The name ReAL SALT LAKE demonstrates our organization's passion and respect for soccer's heritage and reflects our lofty aspirations for competitive excellence and crowning achievements in the community."

"The days of 'traditional mascot names' are numbered, and not only in soccer," said Checketts, who made the announcement as part of a special event held today at Rice-Eccles Stadium on the University of Utah campus, which ReAL SALT LAKE will call home during its inaugural 2005 season. In addition to a press conference introducing the new team identity elements, ReAL SALT LAKE also invited new and existing season-ticket holders the opportunity to select their seats for the 2005 Major League Soccer season. ReAL SALT LAKE's 20-game 2005 season-ticket brochure is attached.

"The name, colors and shield of ReAL SALT LAKE represent the sport of soccer's spirit as a unifying sport, as well as the state of Utah's rapidly expanding diversity," said Checketts. "ReAL SALT LAKE will lead what MLS Commissioner Don Garber calls 'the new America' and serve as a tremendous source of pride for not only our Rocky Mountain community but also for fans around the world who recognize our aspirations and vision for an immediately competitive, family-oriented organization. As we begin to grow the RSL tradition and define our path, our core values will resonate across the global sports marketplace."

While hundreds of variations on the team's logo, colors and identity designs were developed, tested and revised since Sports Capital Partners brought MLS to Utah in mid-July, the final version of the ReAL SALT LAKE uniform/logo combination represents elements significant for the sport, its history and Utah's heritage.

"The look and presence of ReAL SALT LAKE demonstrates our mission as a community-oriented organization that appeals to all cultures, ages, and families," said ReAL SALT LAKE General Manager Steve Pastorino. "We want to unite the community, on and off the field. Our collective efforts to embrace the community and their love of the sport will ensure our success."

The color palette conveys the team's desire to embrace all cultures and present international distinction. Claret Red represents the passion and excitement that soccer generates among the Utah populace; Cobalt Blue embodies the state's mountains, lakes and natural beauty, while the accent of ReAL Gold is inspired by the golden significance of crowns and royalty throughout history.

Team officials presented a selection of T-shirts, hats, scarves and additional logo wear. Several versions of the crown logo were also displayed, the primary - a full crest, with the ReAL SALT LAKE moniker adorning a soccer ball - and a secondary, condensed version of the logo (featuring the acronym RSL under a crown) which will be used for uniforms, etc. Several additional variations of the logos - for print, television and various other uses - were also previewed. ReAL SALT LAKE merchandise sporting the official colors, names and logos will soon be available at area sporting goods stores and at

"We know our fans are looking forward to supporting our team," continued Pastorino. "We will move as quickly as possible to extend our look and colors to this community."

The official name of Utah's Major League Soccer expansion club is "ReAL SALT LAKE" with "ReAL" (pronounced RAY-äl) or "RSL" used on second references in all official communications.

In seeking to promote the connection to the tradition, history, passion and grandeur of soccer, as well as evoking the insistence on excellence and lofty aspirations associated with the Spanish/English duality of "Real" or royal, the ReAL SALT LAKE name and logo incorporates several "regal" elements. The most significant feature is the ReAL word mark inserted into a classic shield atop the RSL ligature, with a "ducal" crown signifying an accent atop the "e." The interlocking RSL type features a more prominent "R," which unifies the "SL," while the "jewel" of the shield, the proverbial "gem" in the crown, is a stylized, multi-colored soccer ball icon at the protruding "point" at the culmination of the shield.

The logo design incorporates Claret Red, Cobalt Blue, and ReAL Gold, colors which have strong soccer-specific and regional connotations. The ReAL SALT LAKE identity, designed by MLS Creative Director Richard S. Levy in conjunction with Salt Lake City-based Love Communications and New York-based Casscles Design, represents the vision of RSL founder David W. Checketts.

Preparations continue for the inaugural season of ReAL SALT LAKE in 2005. More information on the club can be found on the team's official website at or by calling 1-877-MLS-UTAH.

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