Wade Barrett

Random Rantings: The 'Junk Squad'

the fiercest rivalry in all of sports (according to me). I know most of you automatically think I'm going to write about our history with the Galaxy; alas, I am not. They still must be smarting after our win in MLS Cup 2001 and the infamous playoff series in 2003, and even I am too kind-hearted to pour lemon juice on those wounds. No, the rivalry I speak of is far more intense, heated, and passionate. It is the "Intersquad Battle Royale."

Every coach has his own method for splitting the team up during the week of training for possession games or games to goal. In 1999, then-coach Brian Quinn would often split us into starters vs. non-starters, or what came to be known (thanks to Jamie Clark, peace brother!) as the Junk Squad. Whenever we split into those groupings, things would heat up faster than a 40 (Gatorade, of course) at a barbecue. The Junk Squad took real pride in getting the better of the starters, and they weren't afraid to gloat about it for the rest of the day. My former club in Norway, Fredrikstad FK, would pit the foreigners against the Norwegians. Without a doubt, the foreigners had the upper hand (in large part because of the two excellent Americans on the team, Brian West and Barrett). The coaching staff would openly pull for the Norwegians, and despite some shady calls from the acting referee (I'm talking about you, Per Egil), the foreigners reigned supreme.

This year's version is no less heated, although it has been embarrassingly lopsided. That's right, Young Boys, the Old Boys have taken it to you, and there hasn't been a thing you've been able to do to stop it.

I do admit that a couple of the games have been close. The last two defeats must have been heartbreaking because they have come from golden goals, thanks to Wes Hart and Brad Davis (go on, Old Boys!). There are a few guys that are floating right around the cut-off age - that's you Roger Levesque - who have enjoyed victory due to the number of guys in training on that particular day. For the most part, though, the only real way for a Young Boy to win on a consistent basis is simply to grow older. Be patient, Young Boy. Your day will come.

Signing off,

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