Steve Morrow

Q&A with assistant coach Steve Morrow

Signed to return to Dallas, Steve Morrow sat down with and discussed his excitement for the new stadium, the reason for his return and his outlook on the 2005 FC Dallas season. How do you feel about your return to Dallas?

Steve Morrow: "I'm obviously delighted to be back here. A lot went on last year and as far as I'm concerned it's water under the bridge now. It didn't take very long for me to realize that I made the wrong decision and thankfully I was given the opportunity to take up right where I left off. I'm just delighted to be back." What was the reasoning for your departure in 2004 and what is the reasoning for your return to Dallas?

SM: "As I explained when I left, it was a personal issue. It was for family reasons. We tried our best to look ahead as a family and I tried to do my best for my family, and I thought at the time I made the right decision for them. However, looking at it now, I just missed this place too much to stay away too long." What have you heard about the new stadium in Frisco and how do you think this will help the team in the future compared to playing in the Cotton Bowl?

SM: "I have heard only outstanding things about this new facility and I think it's going to be tremendous. It feels like a whole new beginning for the club, especially with the name change, the new badge and the new stadium. I think all the players are going to react positively to everything going on here and are going to be very excited about it. They'll want to perform well for all the fans, including the new ones we will have up near the stadium. It's an exciting season for everybody and I think the players will be determined to do very well." What is your take on how well the team will perform next season?

SM: "I think the players probably knew that we were going through a transition phase last year. There have been a lot of changes in personnel with players and staff alike. I've got a lot of confidence that the squad this year is better than we were last year and I'm looking forward to see how we perform." How excited are you to coach under Colin Clarke and with Brian Haynes and Marco Ferruzzi?

SM: "I know all those guys very well. Colin and I have had several conversations over the phone together and we know each other extremely well. We all work well together and compliment each other the way a coaching staff needs to. The most important thing is that we have the same thoughts and ideas on the way the game should be played." What positives does your coaching bring to the soccer club next season?

SM: "I've had the opportunity as a player to play at the top level in England and have been lucky enough to win a few things along the way. That made me a better soccer player towards the end of my career and will make me a good coach as well. I'm ready to pass my knowledge and experience along to the veteran players along the way and the new group of younger players coming through. When you finish playing and become a coach, you understand what other players are going through in their minds. I know these players very well and believe that will help me a lot next year."