MetroStars 2, Wizards 1 -- quote sheet



On tonight's game
"It's important against Kansas City to keep the ball and attack them. They are very good on counters and passing. I think that we were good enough to open them up and create some chances, and when we don't lose bad passes it does a lot to shut down some of their counters."

On the team's recent playing leading into the All-Star break
"The team continues to improve, and I think that it is important that the team heads into the All-Star game on a good note. Tonight's win really helps in that regard. But we are now focused on the hard work that we have coming up next week, because we have a really important game coming up with the Galaxy."

On the recent play of the midfield
"I think that the midfield has worked very hard over the past couple of games. When you take a player like Ricardo Clark out of there, it makes everyone else realize that its got to be a group effort - in terms of work - and they have all responded very very well."


On his goal today
"I saw the space and the opportunity, so I just started screaming at the top of my lungs for the ball from John [Wolyniec]. I knew that once he got me the ball, that I had to put it away as simple as possible. So I just used the inside of my foot."

On the mindset of the forwards today
"I think that that pitch was a bit wide, and bigger than some of the other pitches that we play on. There was a lot of space behind the defense so we tried to use a lot of space, so that paid off really well for us."

On the John Wolyniec - Cornell Glen tandem up top
"We have played a lot of games together now, so we are starting to understand each other now and we are communicating much more. I think that things are going well so far with me and John [Wolyniec]."


On the two penalties
"I definitely learned something from the first one. When Klein stepped up to the first one he was too open to cut it back across me with any kind of security so I knew that he was going to hit it open. He hit it really well, and it was one of those things where I really couldn't get to it. The second time when he came back, he changed his angle a little bit, and it was just enough of a clue for me to know that he was going to change it a little bit, and fortunately it went my way."

On the way the team is playing going into the All-Star break
"We are really starting to play the kind of soccer that all of us are excited about playing. It's an attractive kind of soccer. Have we always won or will we always win this season? No, but we are starting to week-by-week get to the point where we are eliminating those ugly stretches on the field. I think most importantly, we are getting the results that we need to get. A lot of the times, a team plays well, and they don't get the results, so I think to do this coming into the break is a relief."


On the game
"The better team won tonight. They had the ball more, which isn't always an indication of the better team, but more often than not that is the case. We were at our place and we wanted this last game before the break, but the last time I checked there were only two teams with nine wins and we are one of them. We have played well for two months and have now had two lesser outings. We thought we could do it with the folks we had, but tonight we came up short."

On Chris Klein taking both penalty kicks
"If you have a regular penalty taker, like we have had for years (in Preki), then, hey, he is going to take it. But Klein was feeling it tonight. I looked at him and he nodded to me and he put the first one away. He wanted the second one as well. Cisco (Francisco Gomez) wanted it and we have Davy (Arnaud) as a third option, but Kleiny said he was feeling it."


On the game
"We got one point out of a possible six in the last two games. The last game (vs. Los Angeles) we were tentative, tonight we weren't tentative but just bad. We didn't deserve to win, we didn't create any chances and we couldn't put together any passes. New York looked comfortable on the ball and for us it was like hot potato. They played well and you have to give them credit, they came in here and beat us."