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Martino: We're getting good results

a lot of hits early. And that's been the way it always is when we play in New York.

So, to get in there and battle through that whole game, especially going one-goal down and then getting one point out of there is definitely something that we were positive about, but not complacent with. We brought a lot of positives out of the game, but we were still disappointed that we got out of there without a win. We hit the post a couple of times and had some really good chances to take the game, and the Metros did a great job.

Just a couple of days before Sunday's game against the MetroStars, we signed Tony Sanneh, and that is a big addition. Not only has he already shown that he's a great guy and someone who has already brought the training level up, but he cares a lot about the team. Obviously, he's not a player who's coming over here just to hang out and relax. He wants to win a championship. He's a little bit hurt right now with his back, but the sooner we can get him on the field, the more of an impact he'll have.

As for Saturday's game against the Los Angeles Galaxy, we've just got to beat their 'keeper, Kevin Hartman. It seems to be the same story every time we've played them, the same headlines: Hartman amazes everyone by keeping Columbus scoreless. I think if we can just get the chances that we got the last time we played them, we should be able to score. I think he came up with some amazing saves and we were unlucky to hit the woodwork a couple of times. We're going to just keep playing the way we've been playing. We're not going to change anything. We're finally in a rhythm and on a roll to the point where we're playing the way we want to play and teams need to adjust to us a little bit. Hopefully we can bring out the same mentality that we've been bringing the last 10 games and get a good result against them.

At the end of the day, it's going to be a lot of the same personnel that we've played against since I've been in the league and, obviously, some newcomers who aren't shabby at all. They're great players. The one thing that Los Angeles has is tremendous depth. We're definitely not taking them lightly or thinking that the fact that they're missing some key players is going to make it a stroll in the park for us. It's going to be a tough game, and those players are going to show up every day and give a good performance and be a tough team to play. So we're just going to have to be ready to match it.

In other news, I just bought a new guitar the other day, which was a pretty big step. When I was flying to Mexico with the Olympic team, they broke my guitar. I got there and I pulled the guitar out on the bus to tune it, and the head was bent back. It wasn't any minor injury. I think someone just whipped it out and thought they'd play a little baseball with it. I just now got reimbursed for that, and I've taken the new guitar that they sent back to me and traded it in for an upgrade. So, I think my open mic days are going to be coming sooner now that I have the new equipment.