Key word for the MetroStars is "unity"

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The literal definition of the word "unity" is the state of being one; oneness. On Saturday night the word gained a new meaning - MetroStars. During the Metros vs. D.C. United match, the team unveiled their new identity for the 2004 postseason. The team took the field donning red wristbands with the word "Unity" emblazoned on them in black writing, thereby making the team the state of being one, binding them together as they push towards MLS Cup 2004.

A few weeks ago, the MetroStars organization came up with the notion that it needed a slogan that would invoke spirit and excitement during the playoffs. This slogan would also spark intensity inside each player to push him to do better than his best in the postseason. The MetroStars wanted this important decision to come from the most integral part of the organization, the team.

Eddie Pope, the team's captain and leader, rose to this challenge. He held a team meeting and together asked the squad to decide how they wanted to define themselves in the postseason. Together the team concluded that "Unity" would become synonymous with who the MetroStars are in the postseason.

"Unity is important for the team, especially in the playoffs. It's important for everyone to stick together, play hard as a team and work together in order to win," explains Pope.

Unity is the perfect word for this year's squad. This year's team is as close-knit as can be and when it came time for the team to reflect on their playoff identity, "Unity" was the obvious choice.

"Everyone gets along this year. Everyone can room with or hang out with anyone. We're all very comfortable and like to be together from the youngest to oldest guy. Everyone has a really good attitude. None of the younger guys are overconfident and are very humble. The same holds true for the veterans who have accomplished many things. We can all stick together and it's a very, very comfortable locker room setting," said Pope.

The team knows how important unity is for them, however, they also want to reach out to the fans this postseason. The team feels that the word "unity" will bring players and fans together.

"We see the fans as our 12th man, so the bands are a way for them to be part of our team and part of our family." said Pope.

Although the Metros lost Saturday, it is clear that this is a team that will stick together for the duration of the 2004 postseason. The wristbands unveiled Saturday will remind the team how committed they are to bringing the MetroStars organization and its fans their first ever MLS Cup home so that they all can celebrate together as one.

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