Gaven: I'm comfortable in U.S. camp

Seventeen-year-old Eddie Gaven is in his second season with the MetroStars. He recently became the youngest player ever to start an MLS All-Star Game.

Hey all! I have been super busy the last week. Sunday we played the Columbus Crew at home and from there I was called up to join the men's national team in Foxborough, Mass.

Sunday's game vs. the Crew ended with a positive result. The 1-1 tie allowed us to remain in first place in our conference and it was good to get a point out of a game like that. Columbus had some really good chances towards the end, but they hit the post a few times. Obviously we would have liked to get the three points but I felt getting one point at home was definitely a good thing. Hopefully the team can build on that and we can have a better result this week.

Coming into the men's national team camp this week, I'm starting to be a little more comfortable. We are in Foxborough prepping for Saturday's World Cup Qualifying match vs. El Salvador. This is my third time in one of these camps and now I know all of the guys a little bit better so that always helps. When you come to a camp like this you always want to do your best, so it can be a bit nerve-wracking. However, off the field I am much more comfortable hanging out with the guys here. I am also rooming with Jonny Walker, which helps. Jonny is a funny guy and so far it's been a good time.

Last week I said that in the MetroStars locker room we started to play Around the World and HORSE basketball games. Well I finally won my first game. Other than that my play has not been that good. Let's just say it's a good thing I play soccer, not basketball professionally. Mark Lisi and Mike Magee are by far the best "ballers" here.

Now on to some questions:

Dave from New Jersey writes:

"Eddie, first off I was really happy to see you at the U.S. game in Jamaica. Do you think you're going to play in one of the upcoming World Cup matches? At the U.S. camps, what kind of training do you guys mostly do? Do you do set pieces or stamina training or something else?"

First of all, thanks. It was very exciting being at the U.S. game in Jamaica. I'm not sure if I'm going to be playing in one of the upcoming matches, however I am currently in the camp for Saturday's match against El Salvador, so we'll see. At these camps, we really do not engage in many drills, rather we scrimmage against each other a lot. Yesterday we scrimmaged 8-on-8 so that's just an example of what we do.

Mel from New York writes:

"With you being one of the younger guys on the team, how do you generally celebrate a good game? Since you are not old enough to hit the town with most of the guys, what do you do after a game you are really proud of?"

Usually after a home game, I go home with my family and we usually go out to dinner and celebrate. On the road, I will go out with a bunch of the guys on the team for something to eat, which is a lot of fun also.

The questions have been great, so keep them coming. E-mail them to Well I have to get going, talk to you guys next week.

Take care and God Bless,

Eddie Gaven #24

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