FCD 'Survivor': One more day

With the final day of their spring training "Survivor" competition less than 24 hours away the four finalists sat down with to give fans the lowdown on the competition. The team of Bobby Rhine and Drew Moor have been the frontrunners over the entire two week period, but they must now show that they can continue that fine form against the duo of Miguel Guante and Greg Vanney. Rhine and Moor sat down together for an interview while Vanney and Guante were individually focusing on the competition. Here's what the four finalists had to say:

FCD: Bobby, this is your third straight year in the Survivor finals, are you an old pro at this now?

Bobby Rhine: I'd like to think so. I'm confident in the ability of this team in the Survivor Challenge. We've got some experience, at least I do anyway.

Drew Moor: Wow, I didn't know this was your third straight year in the finals.

BR: It's good, having won one of them, we do have a championship in the team, experience is in abundance, and I think that we feel pretty good about it.

FCD: Drew, how glad were you to draw Bobby Rhine as your partner?

DM: I was pretty excited. I think he's the oldest man in the league, so to have that experience in a challenge like this goes a long way. I think that we did a good job from Day One in setting the standard high and even more impressive, we've kept that standard high throughout the competition and I think that the final will be no different.

BR: We're a little bit like Chelsea.

DM: We have drawn comparisons to Chelsea so far...

BR: Yes, a lot of local media and paparazzi have referred to us as the Chelsea of Survivor, we hear little bits and pieces of it as we walk through the camp, so yes we do expect to come out on top in the end.

That's how one side sees things, but what about the other?

FCD: This is your first Survivor and you're in the finals. How does it feel?

Greg Vanney: It's exciting. We took the difficult road to get here. We won the first two events and then did not get another point until the golf round where we were able to pick up 10 points against (Steve) Morrow and Marco (Ferruzzi) to get us into the final playoff stages, and there in the crossbar challenge we came up big and find ourselves in the finals. Bobby and Drew have been on top of the whole way, and we came the other way up from the bottom so it'll be fun, and it will be an exciting end to the competition.

FCD: You're a veteran of this league and your teammate is a developmental player. How much of an extra burden does that put on you, especially with money on the line?

GV: I want to win because I want Miguel to be able to win. For me it's fun and games and is good for bragging rights, but for Miguel, a little bit of extra money will go a long way toward helping him with what he is trying to accomplish. I don't think that it's any extra pressure, I'm just trying to help him get a little bit of extra something. No burden, and we'll have fun. That's the biggest thing.

FCD: How excited are you to be at this stage of this competition, especially knowing that there is a monetary prize that goes to the winner?

Miguel Guante: It makes it a little bit more exciting. It's definitely a big pot so I'm not going to lie, I'd love to win it.

FCD: There are two veterans left and then a Generation adidas player in Drew Moor; don't you think that win or lose they should just give you the money?

MG: No, you should never just forfeit any kind of competition. Everyone wants to win and I know that I have a veteran on my side so maybe that will help us come out victorious in the end.

In addition to all of that, there will be one more wrinkle thrown into the mix as both Rhine and Moor played on Tuesday and are only expected to only do recovery work on Wednesday while Vanney and Guante are each expected to play against Portsmouth.

To see how the Survivor competition ends and how the team's final day in England goes, check out

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