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The Clean Sheet: Beckhamania

which was handy to clean up the drool that came from the Galaxy gaffer every time AEG honcho Tim Lieweke mentioned Becks coming to MLS.

  • Lieweke, chiding Becks to come to play in America: "I'm not allowed to tamper ... but I think I just did."
  • Some "journalist" showed up in a Barcelona jersey and then proceeded to ask some question about Mexico that no one could quite understand, and finished his question by posing, a la Hulk Hogan ... or maybe that thing Cobi Jones does after a goal. No clue what that was all about, but I'm guessing he was not there representing "60 Minutes".
  • There's no other way to say this: The boy is pretty. We all know that mean and nasty as she is every morning, I'm forever committed to Queen of the Palace. That said, David Beckham can make you wonder just for a split second.
  • Down on the field, a tall blond reporter from "Access Hollywood" was going to change into gear and shoot a little segment kicking around a ball with Becks. So she goes in to change and comes back all decked out in athletic gear ... made by Nike. Needless to say, she was almost tackled Kovalenko-style and sent back to the locker room, where she would more appropriately return decked out in adidas' three stripes from head to toe. That was a close one.
  • One thing about David Beckham: The boy has been media trained ... well. In addition to just looking incredibly comfortable with the media and being very well (albeit soft) spoken, after every TV interview Beckham would take the extra second to shake the hand of not only the talent who interviewed him, but everyone on the crew from producer to cameraman. Nice touch, very nice. MLS players: Take note. People remember stuff like that.
  • I caught up with Simon Fuller, the guy who created American Idol and also manages Becks and Posh internationally. Chatted with Simon about Becks as a TV star, and he thinks once he is done playing he would be a huge star here in The States, assuming the right vehicle was created. You do get the feeling that he may end up here in some way or another.
  • So that was the pomp and circumstance, but the thing on everyone's mind was obviously whether Becks would ever come play in MLS. The Real Madrid star was very honest about the possibility, or lack thereof, of joining an MLS side anytime soon: "Things happen ... playing in America does interest me a lot."

    Translation: Don't hold your breath.

    I go back and forth on this a bit, and actually did so in one day. Before the event, I was thinking to myself that the last thing MLS would need in a few years is another broken-down former star to come here and show flashes of brilliance, but only play 12-15 games in a given season.

    But man, when you see the sheer mania that surrounds the guy, it really does leave an impression. What he would do for Major League Soccer today is so major it cannot be quantified. What he would do for MLS in five years is much more murky.

    So we leave the David Beckham Reality Tour with the knowledge that he is not coming to MLS anytime soon ... but a great debate coming a few years from now if and when an older version of what we saw this week does make the jump.


    Saturday - COSTA RICA at USA (7:30 p.m. ET on The Deuce): The World Cup comes to Checkettsville as the Yanks look to make life easy on themselves in the table with three points that they really should get with relative ease. The challenge for The Bruce is that he has to plan tactics for two matches at once, given the fact he needs to have fresh bodies ready for Wednesday in Panama.

    Wednesday Night/Thursday Morning - USA AT PANAMA (1 a.m. ET delayed on The Deuce): Estadio Rommel Fernandez is never an easy place to play, but three points Saturday at Rice-Eccles would make anything here gravy.

    You may have noticed there are no MLS matches in this section, and that is not by accident. It is my little, quiet way of saying that the league should postpone matches on a CONCACAF game day -- it's not fair to the fans, who pay full price for tickets, but get a product that is clearly missing its stars.

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