Ronald Cerritos

Cerritos: 'Now it is for real'

On Saturday, you made your first appearance at Spartan Stadium in over two years. How did it feel to be back playing in San Jose for the Earthquakes?

Ronald Cerritos: "Obviously, it was very exciting for me right from the start. I would like to say thank you to the fans for all of the good memories I have here. It is just so exciting to play again here at Spartan Stadium for the fans. It made me happy to be back at the stadium again."

What was your assessment of the Quakes' play in the 2005 season opening game?

RC: "The first half was a great first half for us. In the second half, we played like we were lost. That 2-0 lead is the worst score to have sometimes; it can be very dangerous. In the second half, New England put on the pressure and we got lost. Forwards, midfielders and defenders - we all played lost. [On Tuesday], we talked about it, watched the video and we talked about our mistakes. I hope that it never happens again."

As the all-time leading goal-scorer in San Jose history, how did it feel to get another goal in the first match to give you a total of 56 goals in your Earthquakes career?

RC: "For a forward, to score is the best thing. Personally, I feel great when I score, but I always say that I want to win. It doesn't matter if I score or if I don't. It does feel great to score, but in the end, it doesn't feel good enough because we tied the game. In the end, we tied 2-2 and I would like to win games, whether I score or not."

On Saturday, the Quakes take on a new MLS team, Chivas USA. What are your thoughts about taking on this new club at Spartan Stadium?

RC: "We played against them in L.A. [in the preseason] and beat them 3-0, but now it is for real. We have to be focused and not lose our concentration like we did in the second half the other night. I know everyone on our team wants to win, and I know that after last week we are coming out ready to win this game, for sure."