Nik Besagno is happy to be back with the club.
Kent Horner/MLS/

Besagno in Peru: Home sweet home

Hey everybody. Sorry it has taken me so long to get this last blog in, but between traveling back from Peru and everything that's been going on lately, it just keeps slipping my mind. I'm back in Salt Lake City now and just trying to nurse my ankle back to health so I can hopefully play soon.

Our last game in the 2005 FIFA Under-17 World Championship was against Holland. We played a good game, but unfortunately, due to injuries and red cards, we were missing most our defensive lineup. Early in the first half when our right back Kevin Alston got his leg broken we were in even more over our heads.

The game ended up being a 2-0 loss, but could have easily gone the other way with us having all of our players. We got back to the hotel and checked in on Kevin, who was lying in his bed with a full leg cast. We found out it was broken in both his tibia and fibula all the way through. The whole night after the loss spirits were pretty low, but a bunch of us sat there reminiscing about all the memories we shared and will remember forever over the last two years of our lives.

We eventually went to bed to wake up the next day with nothing to do until our flight left the next day. Needless to say, it was a long flight back to The States. But finally we arrived back in Tampa Bay, Fla. After a couple hours layover, I was finally on my way back to Salt Lake City.

I was very happy to be coming back to Salt Lake. I needed to get back to some food that I could actually stand, and a bed that I could sleep in without having to scrunch up in a ball just to fit on it. I got back and went home for some much needed sleep after a day-long flight before I went to my first practice back with the club team.

So here I am back in Salt Lake City. I've been icing like crazy and doing rehab with the trainer trying to get my ankle back to 100 percent again. I've been practicing lightly trying not to re-injure it. I played about four minutes in our 2-2 tie against San Jose on Saturday, so hopefully I'll be back and playing in one of our remaining games against Colorado and Chivas USA.

Thanks for stopping by and reading about my time in Peru. Hopefully you enjoyed it. Come out and support us as the end of our season draws near. Thanks everybody and see you out at the games.

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