Dom Dwyer still sits in pole position, but can TV analyst/commentator Alexi Lalas put the pedal to the metal and beat him for a free Lamborghini?

Lalas was the West's penultimate contestant on this season's What'Cha Got, presented by Continental Tires, and he used his heavy right foot to race the coveted Lamborghini around a track. He needed to floor it to beat Dwyer's time of 34.71 seconds, and Lalas sure made things interesting with a mad dash to the finish line.

Was it enough to unseat Dwyer and move a step closer to winning the car? Watch the episode and find out.

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This season is almost over, but Perry Kitchen still has a chance to speed by the opposition. Who do you think will take home the free Lambo at the end? Leave a comment below or join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #WhatChaGotMLS.