Vancouver Whitecaps midfielder Ryan Raposo's inspirational rise to MLS, and how it almost didn't happen

Ryan Raposo - hed - closeup

Vancouver Whitecaps midfielder Ryan Raposo is one of the rare rookies who has already made an impact on the MLS level only two weeks into the season, after following a path that is as unlikely as it is inspirational.

From being labeled undersized throughout his childhood to a devastating injury that nearly derailed his career prior to college, Raposo has overcome more than his fair share of obstacles just to get to MLS.

From there, he earned a Generation Adidas contract and became was a key contributor in his first MLS appearance as a sub, helping the Whitecaps to a 1-0 upset win over the LA Galaxy in Week 2.

On, writer Piccolo Ocampo tells the whole story. And it's a good story. And who doesn't need a good story right now? So just check it out already!