Christian Fuchs - Leicester City


Austrian defender Christian Fuchs is looking to make a move to Major League Soccer – at some point in the future.

Currently under contract with Leicester City for one more season, the 32-year-old told's Ives Galarcep wants to make a move to the United States to be closer to his wife and three children, who live in Manhattan.

“I have one more year now in England and I’ve always said very openly that I want to move over here,” Fuchs told Goal. “I want to be part of the community. I want to play football over here. I’m not coming over as an old player looking for his last contract. I want to come over here and play as long as possible.”

Fuchs said doesn’t have to play for New York City FC or the New York Red Bulls, but said his only limitation would be to play on the East Coast.

“My goal now is to make the right step and come to MLS," Fuchs said. "I’m trying to figure out what options are out there. I’d love to come to New York, but I don’t want to limit myself. The only limit for me is I’d prefer to be on the East Coast, because when you talk about the West Coast I’d rather stay in England since it’s the same distance as England."