Mario Balotelli - Nice - Close up

Now that the Primary Transfer Window has closed, MLS general managers will quickly turn their focus to a summer market primed to offer up some quality sale items.

Every year, this piece offers up free transfer suggestions for MLS shoppers, and every year at least one player named signs with a league club. It's become too easy, so this time we upped the degree of difficulty by limiting our browsing list to a six-pack of available value items.

Now, these aren't necessarily the best players primed to move this summer or even the biggest names. They are the ones we think can provide either the best immediate impact to an MLS Cup contender or the most lasting impact to a team trying to reach "title-chaser" status.

Players who have previously been linked with an MLS move are marked with an asterisk.

No. 6: Zlatko Junuzovic*

With Primary Transfer Window closed, here are six targets for the summer -

Junuzovic at Werder | Action Images / Reuters

This was originally going to be a top five list, but it would just be silly to exclude the veteran Werder Bremen set-up man. Junuzovic, a reported Orlando City target, can find teammates in the box any way you like. He's a masterful crosser, set-piece taker and throughball artist. The 30-year-old's showy stats are down this term, but he has still put up 17 goals and 45 assists over the last four seasons for a side that's often been a mess. 

No. 5: Martin Caceres


With Primary Transfer Window closed, here are six targets for the summer -

Caceres with Uruguay | USA Today Images

Quick quiz: Can you name the three players that have La Liga, Serie A, Champions League and Copa America titles all on their resume? That would be Fernando Redondo, Ronaldinho and this guy. Currently a player for Lazio in Italy, Caceres is a very athletic defender that can work anywhere along any kind of back line set-up, and above all he's a winner. The Uruguay international has also had a career almost entirely spent trying to earn playing time on some of the biggest clubs in the world, so his 31-year-old wheels may actually be low mileage.

No. 4: Serdar Tasci

With Primary Transfer Window closed, here are six targets for the summer -

Tasci playing for Germany | USA Today Images

At one time, the Spartak Moscow defender looked like the next big thing in Germany center backs. As a teen, he was among the leaders of Stuttgart's stirring 2006-07 Bundesliga title run. He did manage 15 caps for his country, but ended up a "B" team pool guy with a very solid club career. At 31, Tasci is still an all-purpose defender that is smooth as butter on the ball. He carries 45 games of European cup experience and could be a real boost to any MLS club needing a calming, organized influence at the back.

No. 3: Youness Mokhtar

Stylistically, the impending FC Zwolle free agent has much in common with New York City FC's fine offseason wing pick-ups Jesus Medina and Ismael Tajouri-Shradi. Mokhtar makes for a dashing pressure valve, never met a defender he couldn't take on, has some clever passes around the box and owns a cracking long range shot from any angle. The 26-year-old left winger, who is enjoying his best Eredivisie campaign to date with 10 goals and six assists, could also win more attack zone free kicks if he wasn't so hard to catch. 

No. 2: Thomas Monconduit*

With Primary Transfer Window closed, here are six targets for the summer -,-Amiens.jpg

Monconduit (right) with Amiens | Benoit Tessier-Reuters

The Amiens captain, who was recently linked with interest from Montreal, would be of fine service to a number of MLS teams currently lacking in defensive midfield. Monconduit is a transition master, no matter who has the ball. The 27-year-old's impeccable challenge timing allows him to break up opponent rushes with annoying ease. Once the pocket's been picked, he has the skill to spring attacks with a killer lead pass. Like NYCFC standout Alexander Ring, Monconduit is very aggressive at supporting possession high. Put simply, he could be of Best XI-quality in MLS.  

No. 1: Mario Balotelli*

Who else, right? Just from the goals and his personality, Balotelli would be one of the most eminently watchable MLS signings of all-time. A power forward that moves like a winger, the 27-year-old has regained his mojo with Nice and has recently been linked to D.C. United. In addition to 40 tallies in two seasons, the striker's time on the French Riviera seems to have made him a more mature teammate and soldier for the head coach. It won't be easy to land the mercurial star, though. He recently admitted to fielding interest from multiple Serie A clubs, so it will take a big Designated Player salary offer to turn his head stateside.