#MLSSoshies - Soshies - End slate

It's official: Voting is open now for the #MLSSoshies. This week, Monday, Dec. 14 through Thursday, Dec. 17, we're asking you to vote in our bracket of 16 athletes for the "Most Social Player" overall. Vote for Group A

But we're also asking you to vote for your favorite player in each of four specialized categories: "Let Me Take a #Selfie," "the Bigger Picture,""Family Matters," and "#BFFs." We'll leave the voting for these categories open all week, until 11:59 p.m. PDT Dec. 17.

In this post, you can vote for your favorite #selfie king. Who reigns supreme out of the following four? Cast your vote--and refresh your memory on their selfie skills--below.

#MLSSoshies: Let Me Take a #Selfie