The #MLSSoshies are back! Vote for the "Most Social Player" now

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Even though we've practically just rung in the New Year, the countdown continues apace to preseason, tournaments, and then the regular MLS season for 2018. But while you have a couple days to take a breath, let's all take a minute to look back on social media memory lane over the past year -- well, the good moments from it.

It's time for another edition of the #MLSSoshies, looking back on the 2017 season! As you might remember from last year and the year before, the Soshies are a for-fun look at the MLSers most into their social game. Shkelzen Gashi took home the top honors in the 2016 season edition, while Dom Dwyergot the trophy for the 2015 season.

The centerpiece? A survey of the overall "Most Social Player," based on your votes. 

This year we're changing things up a little bit. Instead of running a bracket, like in last year's edition, we're running an overall poll -- nobody gets eliminated, so you'll have until the end to promote your favorite nominee. The selections in the poll look back on the top MLSers across the 2017 season for social media engagement, reach, and overall enthusiasm. (Yes, there's one head coach in here, due to his sudden social-media-darling-stardom last year, thanks to an infamous, now-beloved rant.)

The "Most Social Player" poll runs until midnight ET on Mon., Jan. 15/Tues., Jan. 16.

We'll also run voting in three subcategories -- "BFFs," "Family Matters," and "MLS Pets" -- on Twitter this week. Stay tuned to the @MLS account to vote in those.

We'll announce all the winners next Tues., Jan. 16! Cast your vote now for the Most Social Player. Check out their accounts -- listed in the poll -- for a fresher on their best updates. 

#MLSSoshies: Who's the overall "most social" MLS player?