MLS Cup weather watch: What's in store for Toronto on December 9?

SnowClassico2 - gallery - orange ball

Another MLS Cup in Ontario this Saturday (4 pm ET | ESPN, UniMas in US; TSN, TVAS in Canada) means another forecast of highs hovering around the freezing mark. 

I know, I know, cue the morning DJ in "Groundhog Day": It's cold out there every day. What is this, Miami Beach?!

It's a fair point: Sunday's AccuWeather forecast of highs around 34 degrees Fahrenheit with a very slight chance of snow is only six degrees below what's normal in Canada's largest city this time of year. And it's not exactly like the Seattle Sounders will be spooked by Mother Nature against Toronto FC, after surviving even colder conditions to win last year's MLS Cup.

But winter precipitation, while unlikely at present, could add an element that was absent in last year's final, especially with temperatures likely to fall quickly after that late-afternoon kickoff. That could complicate preparations for players attempting to choose the right footwear on BMO Field's natural grass surface, or league officials determining whether to break out the high-visibility orange game balls.

As of Sunday, the forecast calls for afternoon flurries dissipating into a cloudy evening. That's probably a better scenario than clear skies, which can mean colder evening temperatures in the winter. And the earlier kickoff time than last year's primetime start also means we probably won't see temps get too close to the forecast low of 23 F.

These are long-range forecasts, mind you, that are subject to significant change over the next six days. But whatever the forecast, you'd be smart to pack plenty of insulating layers, and perhaps something that can handle a few flakes.