MLS Cup weather watch: What's in store for Toronto on December 10?

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We might be getting ahead of ourselves a bit, considering weather forecasts have been known to change in the span of 10 days. But with the location of MLS Cup 2016 now determined to be at Toronto's BMO Field, the keen anoraks here at are checking the weather charts for the big game that's now 10 days off.

The short version? It's no surprise that the shores of Lake Ontario tend to be damp and cold at this time of year.

According to and Accuweather, the long-range forecasts for Dec. 10 in Toronto project mostly dry, but chilly conditions in Toronto that day. The Big Smoke is forecast for a partly sunny Saturday with some snow flurries and a daytime high of 35 degrees Farenheit (about 2 degrees Celsius). The odds of precipitation will increase slightly after dark while the air temperatures drop, to a frosty low of 25 degrees (-6ºC). It will reportedly feel more like a teeth-chattering 4 degrees (-15.5ºC), however, thanks to steady winds that could gust as high as 29 miles per hour.

These are long-range forecasts, mind you, that are subject to significant change over the next week-plus. But whatever the forecast, you'd be smart to pack plenty of insulating layers as well as rain gear.