MLS Cup Jerseys 2017 infographic crop

This year's MLS Cup sees the Seattle Sounders traveling again for a rematch vs. Toronto FC at BMO Field. And so as not to mess with a good thing, both teams will suit up similarly to how they did last year.

But let's take a trip down memory lane before 2016, even -- here's an illustrated look back at the field jerseys worn in every MLS Cup so far in history. (Just picture the early days' kits as being much baggier than today's!)

Check out the real 2017 deals in action this Sat., Dec. 9 during MLS Cup -- coverage starts at 4 pm ET (ESPN and UniMás in US, TSN and TVAS in Canada). 

MLS Cup jerseys throughout the years: a visual history -

Illustration by Rudy Calderon