Midseason Awards: Who is the MLS Goalkeeper of the Year up to now?

Tim Melia - Sporting KC - Close up

With MLS on a break for the CONCACAF Gold Cup, this seems as good a time as any to talk about first-half superlatives – and we are discussing the MLS Goalkeeper of the Year today.

We polled members of the editorial staff on the issue, and here are their takes on the best netminders in the league right now:

Charles Boehm, Contributor

Tim Melia. Other 'keepers have been more spectacular, and he has benefitted from the iron Sporting Kansas City wall in front of him, but the former journeyman is the most deserving candidate here by some margin. Now I'm watching to see if he can consolidate his rise and become a star.

Ben Couch, Senior Editor

Look, Ma – I made it! We’re a mighty long way from Melia’s days as pool GK. And someone in the office was joking the other day, but it’s maybe ridiculous that the LA Galaxy never tabbed him for a down-roster spot given that he was playing in their stadium for erstwhile cohabitant Chivas USA. That’s gotta hurt.

Matt Doyle, Senior Writer

Tim Melia. Big saves, few mistakes, and controls his box well. Melia's not just a good story, he's become a very good 'keeper and is a key component of the league's best by-the-numbers defense.

Arielle Castillo, Senior Editor

Tim Melia's got a fan club and it's deserved. Sure, he may not have quite as many saves tallied as a handful of other quality' keepers around the league. But that's because his team's defense, luckily for their fans, doesn't give him as much work. Still, when the ball does find its way down the backline, Melia seems to will it into his gloves nearly every time like it's NBD.

Andrew Wiebe, Senior Editor

Life’s hard. It can be easy to give up. Be like Tim Melia. Scratch and claw until you’re the best at what you do. By now, you know his story – MLS pool goalkeeper to the rock behind the league’s best defense – but it doesn’t make it any less inspirational or impressive. Dude can ball, and for my money he’s been MLS’s best netminder in 2017.

Nicholas Rosano, Senior Editor

MLS 'keepers haven't exactly covered themselves in glory this season, and Tim Melia's rock steady performances comfortably hold up as the top goalkeeping opus halfway through 2017.

Benjamin Baer, New Media Editor

Melia. The former pool 'keeper has been incredible this year, serving as an integral part to the best defense in the league. Melia has saved three penalty kicks and made many other outstanding saves to ensure points for SKC.