doolsta - eMLS Cup 2019 - trophy lift

Cormac Dooley never planned to be one of the world's best FIFA players, but two eMLS Leagues Series titles and an eMLS Cup triumph later the teenager better known as Doolsta has a decision to make. 

Doolsta, a senior in high school, only started playing FIFA to better keep in touch with his friends back in Ireland and entered a tournament to become the Philadelphia Union's sponsored eMLS representative on a whim. Then, he dominated the league in 2019. 

"It's still a bit overwhelming, to be honest," Doolsta told ESPN's Noah Davis for a feature. "Some people clapped for me in a few of my classes at school today."

What's next? Pursue eSports full-time or go straight to college? Doolsta did have aspirations of playing Division I soccer and more, but he can't do both.

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