A brand new kind of international soccer competition is coming to our shores in 2018.

On Thursday, CONCACAF announced the establishment of a competition dubbed the League of Nations, to begin in September 2018. The competition, similar to a new competition set to take place in Europe, will give all 41 member nations of CONCACAF regular, competitive soccer matches in the region.

The League of Nations is set to divide those 41 countries into three tiers, with separate leagues based on the countries' respective soccer levels. Proposed to be set up similar to a domestic club league, each league will include titles handed out for league winners and other performance prizes, There will also be a promotion and relegation system within the CONCACAF tiers based on performance in the league. The League of Nations will also be used as a qualification format for competitions such as the CONCACAF Gold Cup, the regional championship tournament.

“This is a watershed moment for CONCACAF. By focusing on football to provide all our teams with year-round, quality competition, the League of Nations platform means everyone wins,” said CONCACAF President Victor Montagliani in a statement. “This new tournament is highly beneficial to all our Member Associations and fans everywhere, since it provides significant opportunities to play important competitive matches with increased regularity throughout the year.”

Details, including the length of the League of Nations season, division of teams into tiers and schedule, are expected to be revealed by CONCACAF in early 2018.