Celebration problems: Montreal's Okwonkwo doesn't stick the landing on flip

Montreal Impact forward Orji Okwonkwo does a backflip — June 26, 2019

There's so much to appreciate about the Montreal Impact's third goal in their home match vs. FC Dallas: The well-worked team passing sequence, Saphir Taider's silky trivela cross, the instinctive leaping finish from Orji Okwonkwo, his seventh strike of the season. 

Then there's the celebration. 

Okwonkwo is no stranger to backflips, having executed them after other goals this year, but he didn't quite pull this one off, coming up a half-rotation or so short and landing squarely on his face. 

Though perhaps a bit humbled, the Nigerian striker seemed none the worse for wear, as he jogged it off and played another 15 minutes before making way for Ballou Tabla