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Caleb Porter is typically the one fielding the questions at his postgame press conferences.

But after his team's 3-0 win over Chicago Fire FC on Thursday, Porter decided to put on his reporter hat for a moment, and ask a question of his own directed to midfielder Darlington Nagbe, who was seated with him at the podium.

"I'd like to ask Darlington a question," Porter said. "Which was better? The goal he scored in Portland, or this one?"

Porter was referring, of course, to a pair of world-class highlights conjured up by his veteran midfielder: The Goal of the Year-winning strike he lashed home for the Timbers in 2011, or his incredible golazo in the 81st minute of Thursday's victory, which might well give him the award for the second time.

"Man," Nagbe replied. "I think, with the crowd and everything in Portland, I'd give it to that one. But if there was a crowd here tonight, I would probably say this one."

To be sure, they're both ridiculous highlights, and you really couldn't go wrong with either choice. Watch them both for yourself below.

082020_Nagbe Goal with 2011 Goal_1

"I mean, what do you say? It's a world-class goal," Porter said. "It's hard for me to not get excited when I talk about Darlington. Very close with him, off the field as well, because I've known him for so long. We have a lot of history together. But he's a top, top player. I think he showed today that he can score goals. People forget, in Portland, the times where he played wide, I think one year he had nine goals there. He's played the 10 plenty, so he can do it, he can play anywhere, and wherever he plays, he's going to be good. But that bit of quality, you need in your team. You need players that are going to pull a rabbit out of the hat, and that was definitely an example of that. That was a special, special goal from a special player."

Porter's question, though, was exactly what we were all pondering from the moment Thursday's shot went in. So, which worldie are you taking? 2011 or 2020? Vote in our poll below, and leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Which Nagbe goal was better?