Extratime: Gold Cup final preview + Transfer window talk w/ Sam Stejskal

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In this episode, Andrew Wiebe, Charlie Davies, Matt Doyle and Bobby Warshaw burn the midnight oil – Brown Liquor Special anyone? – to celebrate the US women’s national team’s run to the World Cup final and break down the USMNT’s Gold Cup semifinal win against Jamaica and look ahead to a US-Mexico payoff in Chicago.

Also in this episode … The Athletic’s Sam Stejskal sets the stage for the summer transfer window, including the possibility that Inter Miami goes for a big splash. Like, Luis Suarez big.

Time Segment
1:47 USA! USA! USA! World Cup final here we come
10:40 Another final? Yes, please. Breaking down US-Jamaica in the Gold Cup semis
31:18 Transfer window lowdown with The Athletic’s Sam Stejskal



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